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1 Scout Verified Chad Schroeder Cocktails and Dreams453.70
2 Scout Verified Mike Santos Coyote Streakers DE2220.64
3 Scout Verified Kurt Kuekes Sloppy Seconds220.58
4 Scout Verified Matthew Bayley Honolulu Hammers123.00
5 Nelson Sousa The Franchise116.70
6 Scout Verified Brian Owens No Mercy103.05
7 Scout Verified Kimra Schleicher Indy Hitters94.85
8 Scout Verified David Hubbard The GOAT AKA Johnny Dixon87.25
9 Jared Danielsen For Love Of The Game CL682.05
10 Scout Verified Jack Haan Wyld Stallyns76.85
11 Scout Verified Glenn Lowy Glenneration X70.65
12 Scout Verified Darren Summer Royale With Cheese IV64.00
13 Scout Verified Chris Eibl Rex Grossman57.80
14 Robert Rose Soldierfish55.95
15 Scout Verified Derek Pierson MustSeeTV31454.34
16 Scout Verified Michael Edelman Incredible Hulking Us52.96
17 Lee-Ream-Val Lazaro DESERT HABOOB46.50
18 Scout Verified Brad Kruse Monalisa Vito45.82
19 Steve Stith Team Stith Classic 237.85
20 Emil Kadlec Sam Kinison was Right37.30
21 Shawn Siegele The Dude Abides36.15
22 Scout Verified Brandon Shamy GMEN35.50
23 Scout Verified Gary Allen Trunk Monkey34.95
24 Scout Verified David Strand House of Orange II34.49
25 John Pausma Frozen Tundra33.70
26 Bryan Steimetz The Late Scott Newman 133.50
27 Scout Verified Scott Newman The Late Scott Newman 133.50
28 Scout Verified Kevin Kirves FFBLs Finest32.40
29 Scout Verified Lonny Graves Big MO31.85
30 Scout Verified Paul Dietzman Cat-Like Reflexes31.68
31 Glenn Schroter King of Queens30.70
32 Scout Verified Edward Nolan Leprechauns Pot of Gold 129.75
33 Scout Verified Paul Felker BearGlove29.55
34 Scout Verified Tony Windis Gem City Raiders I29.04
35 Scout Verified Michael Makarov Milf Hunters28.55
36 Joe Berg Money27.60
37 Scout Verified Kevin Lacy Team Johnston/Lacy26.75
38 Brandon Johnston Team Johnston/Lacy26.75
39 Lewis Lipsey Spanky's All Stars24.85
40 Scout Verified Ethan Foster Catalina Wine Mixers24.73
41 Scout Verified Darren Fecich Golden Tornado24.10
42 Scout Verified Matthew Lecomte Sunday at Palomar24.08
43 Scout Verified Andy Weil South Padre Tuna Hunters22.97
44 James Loveless Team Loveless22.35
45 Scout Verified Andrew Miller Bashing Bunnies22.03
46 Chris King Team King20.80
47 Derek Anderson Lumpy's Losers20.25
48 Scout Verified Scott Stauffer Out of the Shadows19.45
49 Scout Verified Chris Espinoza Motorboaters19.18
50 Team Madani Team Madani19.10