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FFWC Draft-n-Go League Rules

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Official Rules and Regulations of The FFWC Draft-n-Go Leagues

1. Overview: The FFWC Draft-n-Gos are individual leagues each composed of 12 teams/managers. The Draft-n-Go leagues have a regular season that extends from NFL Week 1 through NFL Week 13.

2. Draft: Each league will hold their Draft ONLINE. Each league will be composed of 12 teams, and each draft will last for 28 rounds, with each team selecting a player in each round in a serpentine fashion (team 1 through team 12, team 12 through team 1, team 1 through team 12, etc.). There are no rules governing the number of players to be drafted at each position. It is up to the skill and draft strategy of each team owner to decide.

a. Time limit per pick: Each participant will have one minute to make a player selection.

b. trading of draft picks: No trading is allowed.

c. Owners do not submit lineups nor make roster moves. The team that is drafted is the final team for the season.

d. All drafts are conducted on the FFWC Software.

3. Roster Requirements: 28 players.

4. Lineups Requirements: Each week, all lineups are optimized to provide the maximum point total at each position. This is commonly referred to as "Best-Ball" scoring.

Starting lineups will consist of

  • 1 QB
  • 2 RB
  • 3 WR
  • 1 TE
  • 2 Flex player (a RB or WR, or TE)
  • 1 PK
  • 1 Team Defense/Special team

a. League Management Web Address: You can access your league via the internet, links will be sent out to all primary Managers using the information submitted at the time of sign up.

5. Scoring: An individual offensive player on any active FFWC starting roster will be credited points for scoring in the following manner, unless otherwise noted:

a. Passing:

  • Yards passing divided by 20 (e.g. 215 passing yards = 10.75 fantasy points).
  • 4 points for every passing TD.
  • Minus one point (-1) for every interception thrown.
  • 2 points for every 2-point conversion.

b. Rushing:

  • Yards rushing divided by 10 (e.g. 75 rushing yards = 7.5 fantasy points).
  • 6 points for every rushing TD.
  • 2 points for every 2-point conversion.

c. Receiving:

  • Yards receiving divided by 10 (e.g. 112 receiving yards = 11.2 fantasy points)
  • 6 points for every receiving TD.
  • 1 point for every catch.
  • 2 points for every 2-point conversion.

d. ACTION SCORING: ANY touchdown that is scored by a player in your starting lineup will receive 6 points for that touchdown. This includes but is not limited to, Punt Return, Kickoff Return, Fumble Return, Interception Return, Lateral, double turnover etc... Of course QBs still only receive 4 points for passing touchdowns.


  • 1 point for every Extra Point
  • 3 points for every FG of 1 – 30 yards plus .1 point for every yard thereafter.

Example: a 50-yard FG would be worth 5.0 points

f. Team Scoring (Defense/Special Teams):

  • 1 point for every sack
  • 2 points for every team takeaway (interception or fumble recovery)**
  • 6 points for every TD (via interception return, fumble return, punt or kickoff return, blocked FG return, missed FG return, blocked punt return)*
  • 2 points for every safety
  • 5 points for every shutout ***
  • 2 points for allowing between 1- 5 points ***
  • 1 point for allowing between 6 – 10 points ***

* TDs scored on "fake" FGs or "fake" punts do NOT count as Defense/Special Teams scoring. TDs scored by the offensive team after a blocked FG or blocked punt do NOT count as a Defense/Special teams score. TDs scored on a double-turnover only count for the individual player who scored the TD, not for the team.

** A double turnover is considered points for the recovering team's defense and ST. Thus, an example, team A's offense fumbles and team B's defense recovers, but then fumbles the ball back to team A's offense. In that scenario team A's defense and special teams (along with team B's defense and ST) are both awarded a fumble recovery.

*** Any and all points scored against a team are considered points scored against the special teams and defense. Thus, as an example, a turnover by the offense that is returned for a TD is considered as points scored against the special teams and defense.

6. Point Calculations: Team scoring will be carried out to the hundredth.

7. Free Agents: There are no free agency moves in Draft-n-Go leagues. It's all about the Draft!

8. Trades between managers: To minimize the possibility of collusion, there will be no trading allowed.

9. Playoff Berths: 4 teams will be selected after the 13 week regular season, to move on in the League Playoffs. See Summary Page

10. Playoff Format: The top 4 teams that were invited to the League Playoffs, will battle it out in a total points race in weeks 14-16 while carrying their season average from weeks 1-13 into the Playoffs. See Summary Page

The tiebreakers for (playoff) prize finalists are:

  • 1. Total points. (two decimal)
  • 2. Regular season won/lost record
  • 3. Total points for the playoffs in Week 16 only
  • 4. Total points for the playoffs in Week 15 only
  • 5. Coin toss

11. Miscellaneous Information: All "total points" means total starting lineup points.