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Draft-n-Go Leagues (DraftMasters) FAQs

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SLOW Email Draft - 8 Hour Timer

Next LIVE Online Draft - Every Tuesday Night 9pm EDT


28 Rounds of Drafting - Live on the FFWC Draft Software

FFWC Scoring - PPR, 4 pts per Passing TD, 6 pts for all other TDs

Start 1QB - 2RB - 3WR - 1TE - 1PK - 1DST and 2FLEX (RB,WR or TE)

These leagues are what's called "Best Ball" or "Optimizied" lineups. There is no in-season management, no setting lineups and no weekly waivers. The team you DRAFT is the team you KEEP all season long.

Each week, after the games are played, your BEST LINEUP will be inserted into your starting lineup, just as your opponent's are. Highest score wins.

13 week Regular Season - Top 4 Teams make the playoffs

1. Best Overall Win / Loss Record
2. Highest Points Scored
3. Next best overall win /loss record
4. Next highest points scored

Most points scored weeks 14-16 along with your average weekly score from weeks 1-13 wins.

What are Draft-n-Gos?

Draft-n-Gos are fantasy leagues where starting lineups and waivers are not necesary.

We offer these two ways, either as SLOW drafts with an 8 hour time limit per pick, OR LIVE Online drafts, where everyone gets together at the same time and knocks out the draft in 2.5 hours.

Think of Draft-n-Gos as competitive mock drafts, where you, the players, are gaining valuable practice and experience with REAL average draft position of players. Too often, if you go by MOCK data, its not reflective of a REAL draft because people quit, or take players they normally wouldn't take. Draft-n-Gos are increasingly popular because players who draft in many leagues don't want the burden of submitting lineups and performing waivers for their smaller entry fee leagues.

How much is it to play?

Draft-n-Gos are $99 to play.

How many Rounds?

Pre NFL Draft, these are 30 rounds, but Post NFL Draft, these are 28 rounds.

Why so many rounds?

Because you'll need players to cover bye weeks and injuries.

What are the Prizes?

Get used to it, our prizes are the highest in the industry and it's not even close.

$99 Leagues

  • First Place - $550 cash -OR- Two (2) 2016 Online Championship Teams (valued at $598)

  • 2nd Place - One (1) 2016 Online Championship Team (valued at $299)

  • 3rd Place - One (1) 2016 Draft-n-Go Team (valued at $99)

$259 Leagues

  • First Place - $1500 -OR- One (1) 2016 World Championship Team (valued at $1,725)

  • 2nd Place - $750 Cash -OR- Two (2) 2016 Online ChampionshipTeam (valued at $598) + One (1) 2016 Draft-n-Go Team (valued at $99)

  • 3rd Place - One (1) 2016 Draft-n-Go Team (valued at $259)

What about the Rules?

No lineups, no waivers, just draft. Check out the RULES HERE.

Do you have anything higher stakes (not World Championship level, but 150-250ish?)

Qualifier Leagues are $179 to play.

Our SCOUT Fantasy Online Championship is $299 to play.

Who are you guys?

FFToolbox.com began providing free fantasy sports information in 1997. Initially only covering fantasy football, we have expanded to cover the NFL draft, fantasy baseball, NASCAR, college football, CFL, and PGA golf. Additionally we aggregate news coverage for Premier League, NBA, and NHL. In 2012, Fulltime Fantasy acquired FFToolbox.com and we now host the premier high stakes tournament: Fantasy Football World Championships. In May of 2014, FFToolbox joined the SCOUT.com network. We also offer lower stakes fantasy football tournaments. Meet our Team: Scott, Ian and all the crew at Scout.com!

What are players saying?

  • "With a good flow and smooth facilitation, the $99s are a great way to kickoff draft season!" -Derek Pierson

  • "The $99's are a great way to start off the fantasy season, and paying out the top 3 spots is great so the other people in my leagues have 2nd and 3rd place to shoot for. ;)" - Marc Quitsch

  • "Tuesday Draft-n-Go beat doing mock drafts any given day." - @FantasyQB

  • "Being a Gambler at heart, I was drawn to the Draft-n-Go format. One chance to build the most dynamic team, and try to account for bye weeks, injuries, and value players. No Waivers... No trades...100% committed to your draft board." -Ben Williams

  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed the draft-n-go leagues on Tuesday nights! The drafts are very quick and the customer service is outstanding as usual. I like the concept of a quick draft and not having to worry about a waiver wire or setting a lineup during the season. This is a very affordable league for everyone! Thank you FFWC!" -Kimra Schleicher

  • "Awesome way to get the fantasy football juices flowing early while getting a leg-up on the competition come late August!" - Dave A.

How can I stay involved?

Please visit our MESSAGE BOARD for questions and discussion regarding the Draft-n-Go Leagues.

How do I Sign Up?

Click HERE to see available Draft-n-Gos. More dates and times will be added as we head into draft season".

Is Trading Allowed?


What guarantee do I have that the prizes will be paid promptly at FFToolbox?

First of all, FFToolbox has been around since 1997, so we're not a fly by night operation. Secondly, we have taken extra precautionary steps to ensure players don't have to rest on name reputation alone. All of your prizes are fully guaranteed. The prize pool is sacred to us. The prize fund is always protected in a segregated prize account at Wells Fargo. This means that these funds will never be commingled with the operating accounts of the business. Additionally feel free to ask for the feedback from our players. We love hearing first hand testimonials!

When will FFToolbox send out my prize money?

Checks will be in the mail no later than January 15, 2016, provided that we have received your proper tax withholding information (W-9).

Who is eligible to compete?

Draft-n-Gos open to individuals who are 21 years of age or older and are legal residents in a jurisdiction in which the contest is permitted by law. Residents that live where pay to play fantasy games are prohibited or regulated by law are not permitted to enter or win prizes. (Arizona, Iowa, Washington Louisiana, Montana or Quebec Canada) Military personnel stationed overseas can compete online. Participants from outside the United States must check with their own country's laws regarding participation in FFWC Contests.