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The 2018 Playoff Draft World Championship: Rules

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Official Rules for the The 2018 Playoff Draft World Championship

We're starting drafts Sunday evening 9pm on December 31.

1. On your selected draft day and time, login to your My TEAMS page using the link provided to you.

2. Enter the LIVE DRAFT ROOM.

3. Each draft room will be assisted by a live facilitator. He / she will provide a phone number. If you experience technical issues, this # will be helpful to continuing the draft and selecting your players, so please write this number down.

4. Draft a team of any players available in the draft room. ANY MEANS ANY COMBINATION. There are NO SPECIFIC ROSTER REQUIREMENTS.

5. Draft players in a serpentine fashion 1-6, 6-1, 1-6 etc. for the full 14 round draft.

6. 1 minute is allowed per pick. If the time limit is reached, the software will select a player for you.

7. If you make a selection in error, contact the facilitator as soon as possible. Any player selected by another person after your pick, will not be reversed. However, a different player may be selected. This is evaluated on a case by case basis and we make no guarantees about our ability to help you.

7a. We try to accomodate technical issues during the draft, however help is left up to the sole discretion of the draft facilitator who oversees the draft. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, internet etc, you should contact the facilitator by phone.

8. You do NOT need to submit a lineup each week, the software will optimize your lineup to ensure your best team starts. We are using FFWC's official Lineup of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2 FLEX (rb-wr-te) 1PK and 1DST. This is the maximum amount of starters at each position.

9. If your only player at a position is eliminated, the software will submit a partial lineup for you.

10. Each league consists of 6 teams. Only 1 team is allowed per owner, per league.

11. Each league will have one $500 winner. This is the team that scores the most total points for the playoffs.

12. The contest will run from Wildcard Weekend through the Super Bowl.

13. The Top 10 cumulative points for the entire playoffs will win our 10 playoff prizes! Ties will result in prize money being split evenly among tied teams.

14. Maximum # of teams allowed = 18

15. We accept payments via credit card or paypal.

16. Last season we had 350 teams in the contest and paid out 90%! We would obviously like to see this increase to 400 teams this year, but we'll accept no more than 600 teams.

SLOW DRAFT RULES: 4 HOUR TIMER, (only 1 4 hour timer on the end of each round, not 8 hours to make both picks). If drafts are not complete by Friday 6pm EST, the timer will move to a 1 hour timer and if need be, we will continue to scale the timer back. (30 minutes, 15 minutes etc)

Scout Fantasy Sports reserves the right to act in the league and contest's best interest at all times.

For any questions regarding the rules, email or call 317-883-9338.


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