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The 2018 Playoff Draft World Championship: FAQs

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MOCK DRAFT - Here's one to take a look at!

Why a Draft?

Fantasy Football is based on the drafting skills of fantasy managers. We think it is appropriate to end the season like we started--with drafts. This will bring new life to playoff time after all your other leagues are complete. Contests where you simply "pick a team" results in too many common players between teams. We didn't want your season to be over just because your kicker was outscored in the wildcard round and you are beat by a carbon copy of your exact team minus the kicker. Plus, playoff drafts are our last chance to draft for another 6 long months.

Wait, why are we starting 1 week early?

The draft window was too short to get all of our drafts in, and we thought this would be exciting strategy. We draft early in our season long contest with many unknown variables. Having as many as 13 or 14 teams still battling for a playoff spot, sounds like a nice wrinkle. Do you go for gold and hope the Colts make the playoffs, or do you go with the Texans and DeAndre Hopkins? The strategy is up to you.

Why 6 teams?

Our team went through several mock draft scenarios. With leagues of more than 6 teams, the talent was just too thin by the twelfth round. With only 12 NFL teams in the playoffs, there was a more than good shot that a player ends up on the wrong side of a QB run and the position gets wiped out. We wanted this contest to mirror our Scout Fantasy lineups.

Why go 14 rounds?

We like the fact that each team will get three extra picks to do whatever they want with. And we wanted the drafts to last no more than about 45 minuutes.

With no bench limits, can I gobble up QBs?

Sure, if you think that's best. We're still not sure what the best route to go is, but it will be an interesting challenge for sure. I think we'll see some teams go RB heavy while others try to go QB or WR heavy. However, the team that can nail the perfect lineup will have a chance at submitting a full roster each and every week of the challenge.

Do I have to draft each position? (ie, do I have to draft a kicker and defense?)

No, you can draft any combination of players and positions that you see fit.

Why league prizes?

We didn't want all the prize pool to just be there at the end of our contest. Part of the fun of drafting against 5 opponents is beating them and winning your league. The team that scores the most points in each league will win cash, $500.

What happens if my league doesn't fill?

Our prizes are guaranteed. Prize pools cannot be altered or changed after the contest is announced. Therefore we will not change the prize pool based on the number of teams that sign up. You can help us by spreading the word about the The 2018 Playoff Draft World Championship.

I don't know how to draft for the playoffs?

We will start a discussion about the drafts on our forums HERE

I have other questions/concerns.

Contact Scott @ or call 317-883-9338.