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Shawn Childs
My success in my home leagues had me thinking about finding a higher stakes league to play in. I found the NFBC in 2004 and jumped into the high stakes arena in fantasy football the same season.

It was an easy transition to the baseball market, but fantasy football had a learning curve for me after playing in a totally different scoring format. I did win my first NFFC football league that season and turned a profit.

I've been self employed most of life. The last couple of year I've been in transition and haven't found my next career. My success in fantasy sports has eased some of life pains. I don't consider myself a writer, but I done some fantasy writing for a web site Baseballmafia.com and a few things for the WCOFF magazine. I also did an article for NFBC which will be in the upcoming Fanball baseball magazine.

I live on Cape Cod. I'm single, but I'm engaged. I have three children and one rent to own.

2007 WCOFF SSS 1st place
2008 WCOFF SSS 1st place
2008 WCOOFF 1st place X 2
2008 WCOFF Main Event 2nd place
2008 WCOFF Auction 2nd place
2008 WCOFF Platinum League 2nd place

2004 NFFC Main event 1st place/18th Overall
2005 NFFC Main event 3rd place
2006 NFFC DC 1st place
2006 NFFC Ultimate runner up
2007 NFFC Main event 2nd place/7th Overall
2007 NFFC $1300 Auction 3rd place
2007 NFFC BW DC 1st place
2007 NFFC $1300 DC 3rd place
2008 NFFC $1300 Auction 1st place
2008 NFFC $1300 DC 2nd place
2008 NFFC Main event 2nd place

2004 NFBC Main event 1st place/3rd Overall
2004 NFBC AL Auction 1st place
2005 NFBC Main event 1st place/5th Overall
2006 NFBC NL Auction 1st place
2006 NFBC $1000 Mid-Season 1st place
2006 NFBC Ultimate 2nd place
2006 NFBC CB AL champ/Overall champ
2006 NFBC AL Auction 3rd place
2007 NFBC Main event 1st place/3rd Overall
2007 NFBC AL Auction 2nd place
2008 FJ Main event 1st place
2008 NFBC CB NL champ/Overall runner up
2008 NFBC Main 2nd place
2008 NFBC Ultimate 2nd place
2009 NFBC Main event 1st place/3rd Overall
2009 NFBC AL Auction 1st place
2009 NFBC Online 2nd place X 3/23 Overall
2009 NFBC SC 1st Place
2009 NFBC Slow-draft 2nd

Career Fantasy Winnings-$224,000
Shawn Childs
Historical GPI Ranking: 50
2013 GPI Ranking: 307
YearEventTeam NameRecordChamp
2013FFWC2013CC's Desperados5-8-0104
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters I6-7-00
2013NFFC2013CC's Desperados 5-8-00
2010NFFC2010CC's Desperados6-7-00
2009NFFC2009CCs Desperados5-8-00
2008NFFC2008CCs Desperados10-3-023
2007NFFC2007CCs Desperados0-0-07
2013NBC2013CC's Desperados 4-9-00
2010NBC2010CC's Desperados7-6-00
2008NBC2008CCs Desperados6-7-00
2010WCOFF2010CC's Desperados8-3-00
2010WCOFF2010CC's Desperados6-5-00
2009WCOFF2009CC's Desperados8-3-012
2009WCOFF2009CC's Desperados5-6-00
2008WCOFF2008CC's Desperados7-4-052
2007WCOFF2007CC's Desperados4-7-00
2006WCOFF2006CC's Desperados2-9-00

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