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Mark McCauslin
Also known as 'Team Wizard,' McCauslin, a Florida health-care worker, sports a blue velvet bathrobe, a pair of laced-up blue boxing shoes and a pointy blue velvet hat that he got at Disney World. His wild, curly gray hair is nearly as distracting as his outfit.

Mark has played in various local leagues since the '80s and decided to ride a string of luck into trying the WCOFF the past few years. He hasn't had a ton of success so far. Not that it matters. For some competitors, it's not about the money.
Mark McCauslin
Historical GPI Ranking: 444
2013 GPI Ranking: 461
YearEventTeam NameRecordChamp
2013FFPC2013The Wizard2-9-00
2012FFPC2012Team Wizard4-7-00
2011FFPC2011Team Wizard6-5-00
2009WCOFF2009the 3 a**holes5-6-00
2009WCOFF2009team wizard3-8-00
2008WCOFF2008Team Wizard6-5-064
2007WCOFF2007Team Wizard6-5-00
2006WCOFF2006Team Wizard8-3-00
2005WCOFF2005Team Wizard8-3-00
2004WCOFF2004Team Wizard6-5-00
2003WCOFF2003Team Wizard5-6-00
2002WCOFF2002The Wizard Sez2-9-00

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