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Kimra Schleicher
I grew up in southern Indiana in a very competitive family. Attending or participating in sporting events was always on the family calendar. Growing up with three boys and active parents who loved sports just as much as we did helped to fuel the competitive spirit that I have today. Three years ago, I was truly honored and humbled by Toyota to be recognized as one of the four recipients of the inaugural Toyota Fantasy Football Hall of Fame! It was an unbelievable experience and I am flattered to have been selected along with my good friend, John Rozek, Andy Mousalimas, and Bill Winkenbach! A special "thank you" to Toyota and Saatchi of LA for recognizing fantasy football managers and those who have paved the way to create one of America's greatest pastimes!

I began participating in fantasy football drafts in 2002. The first local league was the “Brews Brothers” located in Indianapolis. Today, I compete in several local leagues and high stakes leagues in Las Vegas. I enjoy participating in the largest live event in the Midwest, the Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship (kffsc.com). Last year, players traveled from fourteen different states to compete at the KFFSC. It is a predominately a regional tournament and is a great warm-up to the high stakes tournaments in Las Vegas. It is held the last weekend in August each year and several high stakes players from across the region to participate in this live event. After the KFFSC, I will complete several online drafts and then travel to Las Vegas to compete annually in the three big high stakes fantasy football tournaments in Las Vegas. I travel to Las Vegas each year after Labor Day weekend to attend various live main events and ancillary drafts. The three main tournaments in Las Vegas are the following: FFWC, NFFC and the FFPC. Typically, I will own and manage a minimum of 35 teams throughout the season.

I have been very fortunate to have earned well over $185,000 in total earnings since I began participating in fantasy football over a decade ago. I have won several high stakes leagues in Las Vegas. I finished in the top 10 overall on four separate occasions at the World Championship of Fantasy Football with two top 10 finishes (3rd and 9th) in 2010. My team, along with my good friend, Shawn Childs, was runner-up in the 25k Platinum league in 2008. I also won the Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship (KFFSC) in 2010 and finished runner-up in 2009. I have also won the King of the Decade contest for the most total points for a season. Last season, I won the Commander League (5K entry) at the Fantasy Football World Championship. I have appeared on Sirius Fantasy Sports, ESPN, BFDFantasy, SBFFC and KFFSC radio shows. I have also won several local leagues and my current FFtoolbox world ranking is No. 8.

Kimra Schleicher
Historical GPI Ranking: 8
2013 GPI Ranking: 48
YearEventTeam NameRecordChamp
2013FFWC2013The HEAT!7-6-00
2013FFWC2013Indy Hitters6-7-00
2013FFWC2013Indy Hitters IV7-6-00
2013FFWC2013Indy Hitters II7-6-00
2013FFWC2013Indy Hitters5-8-00
2013FFWC2013Indy Hitters4-9-00
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters III8-5-037
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters IV6-7-035
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters V8-5-00
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters II6-7-00
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters I6-7-00
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters LC7-6-00
2013FFPC2013Indy Hitters II8-3-0240
2013FFPC2013Indy Hitters I7-4-00
2012FFPC2012Indy Hitters II6-5-0138
2012FFPC2012Indy Hitters6-5-00
2012FFPC2012Indy Hitters2-9-00
2011FFPC2011Hitters 310-1-036
2011FFPC2011Hitters 23-8-00
2011FFPC2011KFFSC Champion5-6-00
2013NBC2013Indy Hitters 7-6-00
2013NBC2013Indy Hitters 8-5-00
2013NBC2013Indy Hitters 6-7-00
2012NBC2012Indy Hitters9-4-00
2012NBC2012Indy Hitters6-7-00
2011NBC2011Indy Hitters 29-4-058
2011NBC2011Indy Hitters9-4-00
2010WCOFF2010Indy Hitters7-4-03
2010WCOFF2010Indy Hitters8-3-09
2009WCOFF2009Indy Hitters8-3-00
2009WCOFF2009Indy Hitters5-6-00
2008WCOFF2008Indy Hitters8-3-00
2007WCOFF2007Indy Hitters4-7-00
2006WCOFF2006Indy Hitters3-8-00
2005WCOFF2005Indy Hitters10-1-06
2004WCOFF2004Indy Hitters4-7-00
2003WCOFF2003SI Leaguers7-4-010

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