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Robbie Brown
Robbie has been playing Fantasy Football now for 20 years even though he currently is only 30 years of age. Having participated in the World Championship of Fantasy Football for the last 7 years of its 8 year existence, he prides himself as a disciplined, consistent, hard-working competitor that knows the many nuances that this game has to offer.

Robbie definitely has had his fair share of success in High Stakes leagues. With a head to head record of 57-20 (an average of 8-3) in regular season play; he has finished 21st(2004), 86th(2006) and 2nd(2008) in the past overall contests. He is currently competing in the 2009 WCFF Championship round. One of Robbie
Robbie Brown
Historical GPI Ranking: 86
2013 GPI Ranking: -
YearEventTeam NameRecordChamp
2010WCOFF2010Ray Ray's Revenge7-4-088
2009WCOFF2009Ray Ray's Revenge8-3-073
2008WCOFF2008Ray Ray's Revenge10-1-02
2007WCOFF2007Ray Ray's Revenge6-5-00
2006WCOFF2006Ray Ray's Revenge9-2-086
2005WCOFF2005Ray Ray's Revenge8-3-00
2004WCOFF2004Ray Ray's Revenge9-2-021
2003WCOFF2003Ray Ray's Revenge7-4-00

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