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Scott Atkins

Birth Place: New Albany, IN

City Living in: Indianapolis

State: Indiana

Year I started playing: 1995

Favorite Team: New York Jets

Favorite Player: (past) Wayne Chrebet (present) Andrew Luck

Favorite Music: EDM, Hip Hop, Alternative, Classic Rock

Favorite Books: Business and Investing, Professional, Parenting and Families, World History

Hobbies: Target Shooting, Horse Racing, Podcasting

Favorite TV Show(s): Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Justified, Homeland, OITNB, True Detective,

Least Favorite Chore: Christmas lights

Quote: "'Happy wife = Happy life!'"

I'm just decent at fantasy. I enjoy learning how to win by listening to the guys who win every year, but on the clock, I usually make the wrong choice for some crazy reason. Catch me on my weekly podcast every Friday night at 9pm EST. The Red vs Blue Show. I run FFToolbox and the FFWC. Fun job, hard work. I enjoy helping the industry advance for the benefit of players everywhere. I also started and serve as a board member of the Fantasy Players Association. The FPA served a critical role as watchdog of the industry during the WCOFF default year. I hope to expand and improve the FPA as soon as the hard work is done here at the FFWC.
Scott Atkins
Historical GPI Ranking: 82
2013 GPI Ranking: 167
YearEventTeam NameRecordChamp
2013NFFC2013Team Legacy 9-4-042
2013NFFC2013Team Legacy 6-7-00
2009NFFC2009Red vs Blue7-6-00
2012FFPC2012Team Legacy5-6-00
2011FFPC2011Team Legacy 110-1-010
2011FFPC2011Team Legacy 26-5-00
2010FFPC2010Red vs Blue3-8-00
2010FFPC2010Red vs Blue 25-6-00
2013NBC2013Team Legacy 6-7-00
2013NBC2013Team Legacy 4-9-00
2012NBC2012Team Legacy8-5-00
2011NBC2011Team Atkins7-6-00
2009NBC2009Red vs Blue Radio7-6-00
2010WCOFF2010Red vs Blue Radio4-7-00
2009WCOFF2009Team Legacy4-7-00
2008WCOFF2008Team Legacy7-4-00
2007WCOFF2007Team Legacy5-6-00
2006WCOFF2006Team Legacy4-7-00
2005WCOFF2005Team Legacy9-2-021
2004WCOFF2004Team Legacy3-8-00
2003WCOFF2003Team Legacy4-7-057
2002WCOFF2002Team Legacy4-7-00

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