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2014 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Titans

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Lewan opted to return to the Michigan Wolverines for one more season last year. At the time, he was in the conversation as one of the top offensive tackle prospects in the 2013 class. With an extra season under his belt, he could challenge to be one of the few first selections in the 2014 NFL Draft. The big question is whether NFL scouts will view Lewan as a legitimate left tackle in today's ever-quickening game. While Lewan is an excellent, powerful run blocker, he is only an average athlete. Given his height and weight, his body control is above-average which he uses well to shield defenders away from the pocket in pass protection. The big concern though is his ability to seal the edge against fast pass-rushing specialists. His change of direction is seriously lacking and could be abused by doubles moves. Against the run, there are much fewer problems. He is very strong and when he puts his hands on a defender, he can push them back. Does an excellent job creating space where there should be none. With more consistent leverage, he could be the league's top right tackle for years (assuming he moves to the right). Plays with a high intensity. Had a couple issues with losin... [Read More]
The slight frame of Sankey is one of his few flaws. Scouts are concerned about his workhorse status, yet he was Washington's feature runner compiling 653 carries in his final two seasons. Sankey is a solid prospect who does just about everything a back needs to do. Shifty and quick enough to evade big hits and seems to always dip at the last millisecond to avoid punishing tacklers. Can deflect off of contact and maintain some forward momentum. Understands and embraces a north-south approach to running the football. Excellent lateral moves and agility. Uses a great jump-cut move as one of his main jukes. Very good in pass protection considering his frame. Narrow shoulders with average bulk through his body. Good receiving hands. Really good vision and can quickly change directions. Puts one foot on the ground and heads toward daylight. Average straight line speed. Sankey projects as a second round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. FANTASY OUTLOOK: Likely one of the first two or three RBs off the board. Definitely worth consideration in redraft leagues as a very late round pick in redraft. Mid-second round selection in dynasty rookie drafts.... [Read More]
This big-bodied interior defensive lineman greatly improved as a senior. Jones is now in the mix as a legit second-tier prospect at his position. Productive in ways which do not always translate statistically. Really tough guy to move around. Stays on his mark, anchors down and occupies running lanes. Disrupts and collapses the pocket. Technique lacks at times. He will often just push any way he can, mostly ineffectively, once he gets off-kilter. Strong upper body. Looks to push and shove his way into the pocket. A calm and controlled style of play. Grinds it out. Needs to play to the whistle and show a little more effort to pursue the backside. Stays wide and low. Remains effective against double teams. Struggles against zone blocking schemes. Doesn't use his shoulders properly when moving down the line. Solid jump off the line. Below-average closing speed. Doesn't have much snap or pop when tackling on the run. Motor runs hot and cold. Could afford to lose 10 pounds and really focus on conditioning. Jones projects as an late second to early third round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
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Mettenberger is a fast-rising quarterback prospect who is enjoying a lot of new attention. Once considered a borderline undrafted free agent possibility, the former LSU signal-caller is even talked about as a potential Day 2 selection. Took the JUCO route after transferring away from the University of Georgia. Joined LSU in 2011 and took over from there. Still recovering from a torn ACL suffered toward the end of the 2013 season. Lacks ideal mobility. Lumbers a bit and doesn't have that quick twitch athleticism to evade quick defenders. Long delivery mechanics with a big wind-up. Tough player who will hang in the pocket to make tough throws. Will sometimes hang onto ball for too long, which feeds into another problem: When pressured, his decision making is panicked. Average accuracy. Touch on the ball is really lacking when under pressure. Poor pocket feel. A beat slow anticipating the rush. Keeps eyes downfield. Not afraid of getting hit. Good velocity on throws. Strong arm. Footwork is very sloppy. But has sturdy frame, can handle punishment. Must step into throws more often and shorten his movements. Big upside due to him having many small technique related issues. ... [Read More]
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