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2014 NFL Draft Picks By Team: 49ers

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Ward was hands-down the best defensive player in the MAC. He can make plays all over the field. Expect him to very rapidly move up draft boards and into the first round conversation. Excellent athleticism with quick, choppy feet in his backpedal. Smooth and fluid. Changes direction with ease. Elite pursuit angles. Tracks the football very well. Makes spectacular plays look routine. Absolute difference maker in the secondary. Can cover receivers in the slot. Above-average coverage skills for a safety. Showed up big at the Senior Bowl and more than held his own. Diagnoses rapidly and makes the correct snap decisions. Play struggles with his back to the play. A little undersized, but has a solid frame. Looks to make the big hit. Leaves his feet too often to make tackles. Must wrap up and break down more consistently. Can fit just about anywhere on the field and do it all. Ward projects as a late-first to early second round prospect in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
The NFL might be shifting toward a preference of thicker, stockier backs due to the recent success of Eddie Lacy and Le'Veon Bell. If that becomes the case, Hyde could quickly rise up draft boards. He displayed decent speed and great power when carrying the load for the Buckeyes. Really great in pass protection. Will earn a lot of respect from coaches for this alone. Given his size, he needs to learn to run north/south rather than look to punish defenders for trying to tackle him. Will sometimes absorb more contact than necessary. This physicality is a defining part of his game. Falls forward dependably and understands down and distance well on every play. Pretty good job of keeping feet active and pushing forward. Bounces it outside a little too often. Average vision, missing cut back lanes on occasion. Decent burst for his size. Doesn't have the quick feet of a guy like Lacy. Average hands as a receiver. Runs route effectively and puts good corners in and out of his breaks. Not a home run hitter. Will probably finish every year with a long run of about 40 to 50 yards max. Hyde projects as an early to mid-second round option in the 2014 NFL Draft. FANTASY OUTLOOK: Fits... [Read More]
Martin is one of the top center prospects in the 2014 class. He started at least 10 games in each of his last three seasons with the Trojans and earned experience at center and guard. Great movement and lateral agility. Ideal height and weight for the position. Thick through his core and can anchor down when necessary. Can mirror speed rushers. Maintains great pad level and can drive defenders forward. Very physical style of play. Willing to scrap and mix it up. Hustles downfield and lays guys out on the second level. Awareness is average. Needs to do better job making quick reads during the play. Injured late in the 2013 season and continues to recover from that left knee injury. Would be a fringe first round prospect if it weren't for aforementioned injury. Good athlete, but sometimes lacking in strength and an ability to really man-handle opponents. Above-average arm length with big hands. Martin is a mid to late second round prospect in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
Borland is an undersized inside linebacker prospect who outplays all of his measurements. One of Wisconsin's all-time leaders in forced fumbles and tackles, he could have a long-term, productive career if he can overcome some of his physical limitations. At just 5'11", he is unlikely to be considered the ideal sized linebacker in any scheme. What makes him unique is his physical style of play and surprising instincts. Moves through traffic well to navigate his way to the ball-carrier. Fills the hole fast. Incredible motor. Above-average lateral quickness. Good zone awareness and aggressive in downhill pursuit. Short arm and short-bodied. A liability in coverage. Can't drop back fast enough in coverage. Average core strength. Can't match up against tight ends due to his lacking height. Must contribute on special teams to keep roster spot. Borland projects as a late second to early third round selection in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
After an excellent evaluation period and combine performance, Thomas endured a terrible setback when he tore his ACL in April. He will not be able to play in 2014 and thus will require a full season to rehabilitate. Previously projected as a possible second rounder. Thomas was a two-time All-ACC offensive lineman. Good size, arm length and big hands. Experienced both inside and outside. Projects as an interior lineman. Good lower half and strength. Team leader with the Tigers. Athletic enough to neutralize Jadeveon Clowney without much help. Good punch and redirect. Mirrors effectively. Rarely overwhelms defenders. Doesn't play with enough aggression. Sets high and must bend more at the knee. Average agility to get up to the second level and seal the edge. Thomas projects as a fourth or fifth round prospect in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
During his time at South Carolina, Bruce Ellington established himself as an athletically explosive slot receiver with some playmaking potential. A tad bit undersized, but dynamic enough to require lots of attention from defenses. Cousins with Andre Ellington, current RB with the Arizona Cardinals. Fluid athlete. Can contort his body to make difficult catches. Very good hands. Displays great evasive agility. Not particularly strong. Looks to dodge or shake his way out of press man coverage. Lacks discipline as a route runner. Can get separation on just about anybody. Would be a nightmare with an accurate QB with a strong emphasis on the short passing attack. Decent leaper but not strong enough to consistently challenge on 50/50 jump balls. Needs to do a better job of not allowing corners to redirect him during his routes. Decent catching radius. Can pluck the ball away from his body. Very rarely allows the ball into his frame. Ellington projects as a late second round option in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
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