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2014 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Dolphins

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James is quickly moving up draft boards thanks to his ideal frame and left tackle potential. He has some deficiencies as a run blocker; however, the former Tennessee offensive lineman performed very well against the SEC's best pass rushers. Moves well for a man of his size. Quick, choppy footwork. Sets the edge quickly and smoothly. Doesn't allow defenders to get their hands on him easily. Redirects traffic out of the play and looks to smother defenders to the whistle. Really gets after guys every play. Good pre-snap recognition. Awareness during play is lacking a bit and needs to learn to not put all of his vision/focus on one player. Average instincts in feeling the integrity of the pocket. Sets too high in pass protection. Must improve his knee bend. Good lateral mobility. Average power and could afford to add more bulk in his lower half. Susceptible to getting beat by faster players at the second level. Too often plants his feet when engaged in a block. Needs to keep his lower body churning. James projects as a late second round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
Landry stepped up in his junior year to be more productive for the Tigers. For a team typically known for its run-first mentality, Landry vastly improved to become a more well-rounded receiver. Shorter than ideal and also lacks the desirable speed and agility that typically comes with undersized receivers. Good upper body strength and can hold his own as a blocker on the edge. Really good body control when route-running. Quickly gets in and out of his breaks. Lacks the speed to take off the top of defenses. Ran very poorly at the combine with a 4.77 40 yard dash. Very willing to run the tough routes over the middle of the field. Would make an ideal No. 2 receiver, which limits how early he'll probably go in the draft. Very average athleticism for his size. Dependable hands. Catches everything. Reminds me of Green Bay's WR Jarrett Boykin. Landry's stock has increased dramatically and projects as a second round option in the 2014 NFL Draft. FANTASY OUTLOOK: Probably won't make an instant impact. Will need a year unless he lands on a team paper-thin at WR. Third rounder in dynasty rookie drafts.... [Read More]
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The quick rising Tripp was a four-year starter with Montana. Excellent speed and explosion could translate into great coverage skills at the next level. Once considered a late-round flier, he is a name to watch as the draft draws closer. Ideal height and length. Showed good speed at the combine and has plenty of game film of him flying all over the field. Below average arm length. Footwork still a bit of a work in progress. Would greatly benefit from being coached up. At his best when he can take off downhill and aggressively pursue. Swallowed up by bigger blockers. Could afford to add a little more upper body strength. Average open field tackler. Misses too many tackles. Good sideline-to-sideline range. Excellent lateral agility. Plays at a really high and intense level. Brings it every single play. Can sense a strong desire and competitiveness in his style of play. Very good ability to read the run and mix it up in the hole. Good use of outside leverage. Again, would benefit tremendously from more coaching. Tripp projects as a late third to early fourth round prospect in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
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