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2014 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Packers

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What separates most defenders in the NFL is their ability to quickly read, react and often anticipate where the play will be. Clinton-Dix has that exact talent and it will carry him to a long career. Pretty good size and strength, but lacking great speed and agility. Very little wasted motion when tracking the quarterback's eyes. Can often get an early jump on routes or at least jar the ball with contact. Getting better against the run and improving as a tackler. Doesn't often over-pursue and stays in lane. Works through traffic well. His knack of reading the play does lead to better than average opportunities to make plays on the ball. Pretty good hands and good length to knock it away. Can really hold his own in man coverage against tight ends (this is very important in today's NFL). Enough speed to cover the deep half. Above-average pursuit angles. Good feel for zones and almost never caught flat-footed. Tackling is solid. Could afford to add more lower body strength to help him bring down bigger backs. Not the type to look for the huge, highlight reel collision. Wraps up the ball-carrier down to the ground. Clinton-Dix projects to go somewhere in the teens of the firs... [Read More]
Adams' big-time production with the Bulldogs was both a product of his own talent and his offense's high-volume passing attack. In just two seasons, Adams caught 233 passes for 3,030 yards and 38 TDs. Just three years removed from high school. Great ball skills. Consistent and reliable hands. Catches everything near him, including surprisingly difficult catches. Elite hand-eye coordination. Average straight line speed. Good leaper, explosive. Needs to add more strength. Can be thrown off his route when covered in press-man. Will make for a valuable No. 2 possession receiver. Highpoints the ball really well. Just seems to have a knack for coming down with the football despite some certain athletic limitations. A bit slow changing gears. Slow in and out of his breaks. Needs to add more suddenness and a little more savvy to his route-running. Still has plenty of room on his frame to add more functional strength and bulk. Just enough speed to be a deep threat. Willing to work the middle. More effort needed when run-blocking. Adams projects as a second round selection in the 2014 NFL Draft. FANTASY OUTLOOK: At just 21 years old, Adams will have an extra year to provide dynas... [Read More]
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Bradford does many things well, including explosion off the line and burst at the point of attack. Will likely transition to 3-4 OLB as he is a bit undersized to play as a 4-3 DE. Good pursuit lines. Explosive in his lower half and uses hands well to disrupt a blocker's attack. Short arms and average hands. Tackles well and looks to lay into the ball-carrier. Decent instincts, rarely a step ahead of the play. Stays after the play when on the backside. High energy player. Must add more strength in order to hold his own against bigger blockers who may easily engulf him. Durable throughout his career with no off-field concerns. Could afford to work on his bend when pass-rushing the edge. Poor speed to power transition. Good enough awareness to drop into short zones or flats. Leaves his feet when tackling. Quick in tight quarters. Bradford projects as a third or fourth rounder in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
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Abbrederis is an average athlete who overachieved in his time with the Badgers. A high effort player who walked-on to the football team. Thin build. Struggles against press-man if the opponent can get their hands inside. Uses hands well to disrupt and push off at key times. High football IQ. Understands angles and gaining leverage. Great field awareness. Productive over multiple years at Wisconsin. Above-average, scrappy blocker. Average hands. Catches the ball against his body too often. Doesn't offer much after the catch. Looks to gain a few yards and gets down. Lacks a second gear. Will struggle gaining separation against fast corners. Not enough snap changing directions as a route runner. Limited athletic upside will push him into the middle rounds. Poor strength, average leaper. No explosion. Will have to do all the little things well to stick on a roster. Sustained multiple concussions in his collegiate career. Abbrederis projects as a fifth round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. FANTASY OUTLOOK: Only a long-term hold option in deeper dynasty leagues. In terms of potential, just brings nothing to the table to incite or excite fantasy ownership.... [Read More]
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