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2014 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Bills

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When Clemson's DeAndre Hopkins entered the draft last season, he had the distinction of not even being the best WR prospect on his team. That claim was held by Watkins. He can do just about everything well on the field, whether it involves athleticism or technical skill. Route running is still average and needs to learn to remain active after the play doesn't go his way. Excellent hands. Looks to pluck the ball out of the air and away from his body. Shows an excellent fluidity with his hand-eye coordination. Drops can sometimes become a compounding issue. Will sometimes lose control and be separated from the ball on contact. Willingness to fight for yards after contact. Doesn't have the necessary size to be as physical as you'd like. Elusive. Not an elite open-field runner, won't use jukes. Focused on going north and south. Really good body control when going up for passes. Above-average leaper. Average height, excellent speed. Watkins projects as a Top 5 or Top 10 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. FANTASY OUTLOOK: One of the premiere WR prospects to come out since A.J. Green. A touch more raw than ideal, but has all the tools. Should contribute immediately as a starter wher... [Read More]
Kouandjio is the next elite offensive line prospect out of Alabama and lives up to his high-billing. He possesses the ideal left tackle height, length, weight and foot speed. Kouandjio moves well and should be able to compete immediately as a potential starter to anchor a team's offensive line. Can eat up defenders with massive frame and excellent strength as a run blocker. Would be a beast in a zone blocking scheme given his eye-opening quickness. Will hit a spot and seal the running lane with ease. If he gets his hands on a defender, he will dominate. Better run blocker than in pass protection, but far from a weakness. Mirrors defenders well and shields the pocket using his body. Terrific arm length and redirects pass-rushers out of the play. Slides his feet quickly. Still some room for technique improvement given he is relatively new to the sport. Will sometimes rely too much on upper body and get caught leaning or lunging. Noticeable mean streak. Nasty disposition. Lots of concerns about endurance and stamina. Visibly winded late in games. Kouandjio is a late first round to early second rounder in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
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Richardson has a huge frame and surprising athleticism to go along with it. He projects as an interior lineman, although he does have some collegiate experience at left tackle. Anchors really well when pass-protecting and can absorb a ton of contact. Relatively nimble with above average foot speed for his size. A bit over-aggressive at times, which can leave him vulnerable and lunging at opponents. Too often beat by double moves or change of direction across his face. Must improve extending arms and initiating contact in order to redirect pass rushers with more authority. A powerful run-blocker. Looks to take his man off his mark and does it with relative ease at times. Elite strength in his shoulders and arms. Doesn't bend well in his lower half and must learn to flex his body to keep leverage. Average vision to pick up stray blitzes from the second level. Good instincts to notice stunts and twists. Enough quickness for the occasional pull. Highly aggressive with great motor. Really gets after guys. Finishes very strong. Looks to bang heads on every play. Richardson projects as a third rounder in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
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