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2014 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Falcons

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University of Texas A&M offensive tackle Jake Matthews decision to return to school looks to have paid off as he is a top prospect for the 2014 NFL Draft. The senior elevated his game and provided a cornerstone for the Texas A&M offense. At just a touch over 6'5", Matthews has excellent height and length for the position and should be an All-Pro caliber star. Excellent get up from off the line in pass protection. Great hand usage and sets the tone with heavy smacks and punches. Stands a little tall when expecting a bull rush. Anticipates well, but will also over-commit on occasion, which can lead to being beat by double moves, especially to the inside shoulder. Lunges and becomes off-balance against some speed rushers. Rather than becoming upright, needs to adapt to NFL speed and strength by leaning (or placing his weight into the defender). Excellent technique at this point. Excellent ability to misdirect defender out of harm's way. Plays to the whistle. Good, but not great lower body strength. Not a pile-driver when run blocking. Good hand placement when establishing point of attack. Aggressive style of play. No concerns at all off-the-field or on. Excellent family pedigree... [Read More]
Hageman is the prototypical defensive tackle with excellent height, weight and strength. He anchored the Minnesota Gophers' defensive line with his ideal athleticism. Can handle his own against double teams and occasionally split them to disrupt the backfield. A bit limited in his range. Must not allow blockers to use his height against him due to pad level inconsistency. Took it upon himself to make plays and showed a lack of discipline to stay on assignment in his gaps. Will hold ground against blockers and resists being pushed back. Zone blocking schemes can sometimes push him off his line. Good swim move and bull rush. Really tough to contain when he gets his hands inside. Doesn't have enough moves when pass rushing. Must use hands more to fight for position and leverage. Above-average effort. Will be best used in a rotation. Doesn't currently have the stamina to really bring it for all four quarters. Solid burst coming off the line. Hageman projects as a late first rounder in the 2014 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
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