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2013 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Buccaneers

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Mississippi State cornerback Johnthan Banks was the winner of the 2012 Jim Thorpe Award, following a long list of great NFL players such as Morris Claiborne, Patrick Peterson, and Eric Berry. Banks is a tall, lean defensive back who may end up transitioning to safety at the next level. There are some early concerns about his ability to cover quick and agile receivers. This position change could push him from a possible mid-first round pick all the way into second round. Banks' best attributes are his physical style of play and exceptional instincts. He can quickly read and react in order to take away the ball or even come up with a pick as a proven ball hawk. He is very lean though and may need to add weight to properly play press-man coverage. That added bulk could compromise his limited speed, which may push him to the safety position. Very aggressive in run support and seeks out contact. Strong blitzer. Can disengage off his blocker and seal the edge in order to force the flow of the play inside. Short-area quickness is a problem. He will need to show scouts and coaching staff he can hold up his technique against faster competition. High football IQ helps in this area,... [Read More]
NC State Wolfpack quarterback Mike Glennon has risen high on draft boards in recent months. The potential first round prospect has NFL-ready size and arm strength to possibly become an early contributor in the upcoming season. Glennon, while highly-regarded at the moment, is not a fully developed player. His arm strength and height have put him on the map though. His throwing motion, mechanics, and experience in a pro-style offense give him a small lead in terms of his readiness to play. He can stretch the field with his big arm and puts a good velocity on his throws. Where he will need more time is with his pocket awareness and like all rookies, needs more reps reading defenses. He struggles with reads on short to intermediate passes and will sometimes try to thread the needle between defenders. His anticipation is lacking and must be more consistent as a decision-maker. Doesn't necessarily turn the ball over, but he can be a beat late delivering the football. His accuracy is very good when given ample room in the pocket to step into his throws. Glennon can get sloppy with his mechanics when challenged by the pass rush or forced to move his feet. Athleticism is below-aver... [Read More]
Fighting Illini defensive tackle Akeem Spence is an undersized prospect who will need to reassure teams that he is quick and powerful enough despite his stature. Active hands inside and holds his ground well considering his size. Above-average athlete for his size. Can lose his balance and be pushed down the line when double-teamed. That said, he plays tough with good energy. Stays on assignment reliably. Can push back blockers one-on-one. Does well to stay low for the most part, but will sometimes get caught playing high. Lacks ideal bulk to occupy a lot of space. Gets hands up if near the quarterback. Good burst at the snap. Plays hard and won't give up on a play. Chases after the ball. Stamina is lacking in the fourth and would likely play best in a rotation. He can shoot the gap. Flows downhill to the ball carrier. Finishes well when tackling and doesn't miss tackles very often. Spence has been very durable, never missing a game in his three seasons with Illinois. He projects as a mid-third to fourth round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
William Gholston put together a solid collegiate career while at Michigan State. Terrific height and bulk to be a traditional end at the next level. Gholston is a power-rusher with raw, underdeveloped talent. Lateral agility is lacking, but moves quickly downhill. Long frame can eat up ground quickly. Can collapse the pocket and gets up well to swat at passing lanes. Relies on wearing down his blocker and brings good intensity throughout the game. Strong tackler and can bring down ball-carriers hard. Well-balanced game, but unlikely to ever be a dominant pass-rusher in the NFL. Could transition to a 3-4 end later in his career given his huge length. Potential in short zone coverages, but currently very stiff in his lower half and footwork. Cousins with former New York Jets OLB Vernon Gholston. Plays hot with high energy. Maintains good gap integrity and stays on assignment reliably. Defensive leader with the Spartans and led one of the Big Ten's best defenses the last two seasons. Gholston projects as a fifth round prospect in the 2013 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
Buffalo Bulls defensive end Steven Means is a developmental prospect who has a great frame and serious long-term potential. Played the five-technique (DE) in a 3-4 defensive scheme. Will provide immediate depth and an above-average ability to pass rush. Shows flashes as a bender on the outside. Good tackler. Still raw in his movements. Not very good when needing to redirect. Long arms and will need learn how to use them more to his benefit. Pursuit angles are okay. Long strides and can take few steps to get up to full speed.... [Read More]
Miami Hurricanes running back Mike James is a solid prospect who can likely challenge for a reserve role earlier in his career. Played consistently throughout his career, but was often overshadowed by another back. Thick for his height and does well running behind his pads. Not a brute with his strength, but can churn through some contact. Patient vision and runs behind his blocks. Needs to play to his size more and not dance in the backfield. Lacks straight-line speed and lateral quickness. Too often pre-determines where he's going to go with the ball.... [Read More]

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