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2013 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Steelers

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The University of Georgia has a special player in Jarvis Jones, one of the most highly-touted prospects of the 2013 NFL Draft. Currently considered a lock for the Top 5, Jones is a natural pass-rusher that projects as a 3-4 OLB at the next level. Jones' best attributes are a good first step, agility in tight spaces, and tremendous body control. While he may not have that desired Von Miller explosion off the line, not many do. The true junior has a wide array of swim and rip moves in his arsenal. He should be able to stay on the field on all three downs due to solid coverage skills and enough speed to play sideline to sideline. Tackling is not an issue. He wraps well, but sometimes leaves his feet in an attempt to make a big hit. When tracking the ball carrier, he takes good lines and has a nice short area burst to close the gap. Bigger offensive linemen are going to give Jones trouble though. His lack of bulk through his midsection and trunk do not give him much power to bull rush. He will have to rely heavily on speed to beat blockers to the edge. As a consequence, Jones will sometimes find himself out of position on counters, draws, or runs designed to exploit his pass rush... [Read More]
Michigan State Spartans running back Le'Veon Bell is an obvious bruiser with quick feet. He can move the chains on the ground and also possesses remarkably good hands as a receiver. Bell's bread and butter is his ability to work between the tackles, drop his shoulder and fall forward for solid yardage. He won't break off huge runs, but he can wear down a defense and control the clock. Lateral agility isn't a total wash either. He can side-step and plant a foot to change direction with relative ease. First contact doesn't often bring him down and he can churn his legs with the best of them. Bell is a respectable pass-catcher and could possibly be an every-down back if given the opportunity. He stays behind his lead blockers well. A beat late in recognizing a cut-back lane. He can make himself small and uses small movements to avoid taking big hits. Average, expected speed for his size, although there are reports suggesting he wants to lose a few more pounds before landing in the NFL. Bell projects as a fourth-round prospect in the 2013 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
Oregon State wide receiver Markus Wheaton is a slightly undersized prospect who projects as a legit slot player at the next level. His above-average speed is complimented with intelligent and effective route running. Part of a larger group of receivers that could hear their names called around the end of the second round and into the third. Wheaton can stretch the field vertically and has experience as a track runner. Runs really strong routes and is crafty with his stop-start getting in and out of his cuts. Flexes and bends when manipulating his body to get after the football. Shines in the open field. Not as naturally elusive with the ball in his hands and should look to get small more often since he will open himself up to hits at times. Above-average hands and caught most of his passes within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage. Adjusts well to the football if off-target. Lacks ideal size to get up after deep balls. Must continue to improve his explosion off the line and using hands when disengaging from press coverage. Could afford to add more bulk throughout his core. Small hands. Wheaton projects as a third round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
Syracuse's Shamarko Thomas is a thick, well-built prospect who turned in a great combine performance that has him looking like one of the top safeties in the 2013 draft class. The first thing that gets your attention about Thomas is his girth. He lacks height, but makes up for it with impressive musculature. Plays like a linebacker and could excel if he plays predominantly in the box. Great tackler, hits with explosive power. Leaves his feet too often when trying to make a highlight reel hit. Reads and reacts at his best when playing downhill. Must learn to maintain leverage by not flying upfield early in the play. Undersized compared to most safety prospects. Struggles to deflect and intercept passes. Changes directions quickly and stays low to the ground. Shifts and flips his hips well in coverage. Must adapt his coverage skills and grab/hold receivers downfield less frequently. Should be able to keep up with slot receivers but will likely struggle against bigger tight ends over the middle. Thomas projects as a third round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
University of Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones had been in the mix for consideration as one of the top players at his position in the 2013 draft class. Unfortunately, a lackluster senior season and Senior Bowl have him sliding. Coaches will want to reshape his throwing motion and shorten it up. The knock on him is that he isn't all that athletic and struggles with his footwork. He does well enough feeling out pressure in the pocket, but needs to remain technically sound once his feet start moving. His long throwing motion only complicates things when flushed out of the pocket. Jones does a great job making reads and checking (or calling audibles) pre-snap. After the snap, he shows a proficient ability to work through his progressions to find the open man. Though, he sometimes forces passes and relies too heavily on accuracy and confidence. Jones has really matured in his years as Oklahoma's leader. The pressures of the position have molded him in the right direction. Throwing him into the fire to replace Bradford has really accelerated his growth, but it appears his draft stock has fallen significantly to where he was rated just a year ago. He throws the ball with good ve... [Read More]
Illinois Fighting Illini cornerback Terry Hawthorne is an athletic, raw prospect with excellent recovery speed. Physical and willing in run support. Presses off the edge on runs. Looks to get after the football whether it is fumbles or interceptions. Opens his hips too early and gets turned inside out. Risk-taker and aggressive. Inconsistent ability to read and react. Adequate height. Arms on the shorter side, small hands. Needs to add a little more upper body strength. Above-average backpedal. Gets a little off-balance when turning hips.... [Read More]
Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Justin Brown has excellent height and a long frame. Straight-line speed is below average. Must prove he can gain separation in the NFL. Raw route runner. Slow getting in and out of his breaks. Good hands. Ran a 4.6 40-yard dash. Big catching radius. Shields the ball well using his body. Decent leaping ability. Short arms. Will need grooming to work on routes. A former Penn State transfer. Caught 73 passes for 879 yards and five scores in his senior year with the Sooners.... [Read More]
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Samford defensive tackle Nick Williams has limited experience and is a developmental prospect at the next level. Height, weight, strength and speed is all there. Must continue to learn the game. Very muscular with long arms. Still growing in run defense. More potential as pass-rusher. Technique and fundamentals all wrong right now. Will need time. Plays slower than timed speeds. Upper body power is lacking. High effort. Must adapt to faster style of play after coming from the Southern Conference.... [Read More]
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