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2013 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Texans

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Clemson University wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has stepped up in a big way this year, stealing the spotlight from his teammate WR Sammy Watkins. Also goes by the nickname "Nuk" (sounds like "nuke"). A good route runner who loves to make plays once the ball is in his hands. Snatches the ball out of the air. Gets upfield in a hurry and is not afraid to sacrifice his body to move the ball forward. Has adequate height and is in good shape. Worked a lot of short passes at Clemson (screens and hitches). Not a polished route runner and wastes a lot of motion in making his cuts. Does have a nice explosion off the line. Flashes big play potential. YAC monster. Locates the ball relatively well. Decent downfield blocker, very willing to mix it up. Shows good concentration on goal-line fade and can secure the ball away from his body. Seems to step up against big-time opponents. Above-average speed and accelerates well to create separation. Will need to add more muscle. Very lean through the middle. Not a natural hands catcher. Had a red flag issue occur at the NFL Scouting Combine. Reports indicated that Hopkins and Rutgers WR Mark Harrison trashed a hotel room and left it in serio... [Read More]
University of South Carolina D.J. Swearinger has jumped up near the top of draft boards after an impressive evaluation period. He is a highly instinctual prospect that can quickly get into position to make a play on the football. A physical presence that should push for playing time early as a rookie. Displayed natural leadership in the defensive secondary and called out assignments pre-snap. Knows where everyone should be at all times, including himself. Plays great angles and understands the small details like spacing and inside/outside leverage. Good, but not great speed. Lacks ideal range to play a deep safety "Cover 1" role effectively. Can stick with H-backs and tight ends in man-to-man coverage. Better at zone coverage in front of him. Takes safe angles in pursuit. Shows more aggression in getting after the football. Can make big catches and athletic plays on the ball in mid-air. Solid tackler and doesn't shy away from hits. Plays with a chip on his shoulder without ever getting out of control. Uses hands well to disengage blockers and get after ball-carriers. Swearinger projects as a mid to late second round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
University of North Carolina offensive tackle Brennan Williams possesses ideal height and bulk and has a nice get-off with good footwork to seal the edge. Williams has a clean kick step and can get into position quickly. Holds his own against speedy edge rusher, but can give away inside containment should the defender spin inside. Thick-bodied anchor against the power rush. Doesn't allow defenders into his body with good arm extension. Active hands without too much lunging. Doesn't get off balance often and keeps balance well. When run blocking, he doesn't have enough power to really throw defenders off their mark. Must continue to work on keeping his legs driving forward when engaged. Can work up to the next level well and smother linebackers. Solid zone-blocker. Identifies blitzers pre-snap consistently. Rarely blows an assignment. Good vision and keeps head and eyes moving. Average mean streak and shows reliable energy and effort in the second half. Doesn't seem to take plays off. Williams projects as a late-second round to third round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
LSU's Sam Montgomery is a versatile defensive end prospect who can play either the 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB spots. Although his best attributes are his strength, toughness, and run defense, Montgomery is a legit pass-rusher as well who should hear his name called in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. The 6'5", 260 lb. junior plays with good pad level and drives into blockers to collapse the pocket. He plays in the backfield with a high motor and can clog running lanes. His active hands can push around opponents and put himself into position to make a play on the ball. Projects best as a 4-3 DE, assuming he continues to add bulk. Not a true speed pass rusher as he relies more on strength to bully his way to the quarterback. Great body control off the edge and can turn a blocker around. Montgomery can reset his hips well to maintain leverage and drive with his lower body. After the season is over, scouts will want to see his explosion off the line and short area quickness. There are very few concerns about his run support, only questions whether he has a well-rounded game that translates to the next level. The 3-4 teams are also going to evaluate whether he can play OLB in thei... [Read More]
Connecticut Huskies outside linebacker Trevardo Williams is a tweener prospect who will likely transition to a 3-4 OLB after playing DE in college. Excellent speed gives him a high ceiling. Experience with hand on the ground and standing up. Good timing off the line. Uses foot quickness and looks to initiate firm contact with blockers. Does well to keep his hands up and knock-down passes. Projects well as a strongside linebacker. Needs a lot of work in his coverage skills. Possesses enough athleticism to develop serious coverage skills, just a matter of development and coaching.... [Read More]
San Jose State Spartans offensive tackle David Quessenberry is slightly undersized and must maintain his athleticism after adding more bulk. Plays with excellent leverage. High energy and plays with a chip on his shoulder. Fails to anchor down. Bends at waist instead of knees when run blocking. Tight in his lower half. Preferred in the short-term in a zone-blocking scheme. Fast enough to get to the second level with good timing. Average upper body strength. Good short area quickness and change of direction. Excellent pull blocker.... [Read More]
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Bowling Green defensive tackle Chris Jones is a bit undersized and lacks ideal strength. What he lacks there, he makes up for it with an elite motor and nice burst coming off the snap. Great first punch, really drives into the blocker. Has a decent array of pass rush moves. Bullied when double teamed. Not built to handle bigger, stronger blockers. Average girth. Pancaked too often. Situational player that can contribute as a one-gap defender. Could get a quick jump off the snap and into the backfield.... [Read More]
UConn Huskies tight end Ryan Griffin is an undersized, thin prospect that was relatively productive throughout his collegiate career. Still a work in progress, particularly in his work ethic and blocking prowess. Long strider. Great height. Must add more weight while not losing any speed. Not a downfield weapon. Best suited as a red zone target. Good focus on 50/50 balls in certain clutch situations. Excellent catching radius. Average hands. Loses focus at bad times. Must show a willingness to work the middle of the field.... [Read More]
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