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2013 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Falcons

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University of Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant is garnering new found attention after a stellar week of practices and play at the Senior Bowl. Trufant really excels in coverage, showing excellent instincts and the ability to quickly recognize routes. Stays in great position in zone coverage and possesses enough size and height to hold up in man. Can trick the quarterback into thinking his man is open. Very fluid lower half and clearly has learned a thing or two from his older brother, Marcus Trufant, a 2003 first round pick with the Seattle Seahawks. Always seems to be in the mix to break up the pass. Solid, but not great in press coverage and will need to better utilize his height and length. A bit underweight and could afford to bulk up. Adequate leaping ability and will mix it up on 50/50 balls. Great in run support. Can break blocks, seal the edge, and get after the ball carrier. Again, added bulk would help in this area as well. No notable durability concerns. Trufant is trending up and currently projects as an early second round pick and just might sneak into the first round in the 2013 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
Cornerback Robert Alford is a slightly undersized prospect with above-average athleticism. Playing in the FCS could negatively affect his draft status, despite playing well against FBS competition throughout his career. Shows good bend and excellent loose hips. An ideal nickel corner who can handle the demands of playing in the slot. Great anticipation and quick enough in short areas to break on the football. Plays with a visible confidence on the field. Can hit a second gear when in recovery. Excellent burst. Plays light on his feet. Stays on assignment well and doesn't appear phased after mistakes. Lacking ideal height and stature. Could afford to add strength from head to toe. Will struggle in run support and must learn to play a support role as a tackler by funneling the ball-carrier back inside. Breaks down and wraps up smooth in the open field while lacking power to his tackles. Can get dragged a yard or two without help from a gang tackler. Not afraid to go after the football. Good leaping ability for his size. Above average hands and can challenge for more yardage with the ball in his hands. Alford projects as a third round selection in the 2013 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
Clemson defensive end Malliciah Goodman possesses a tremendous wingspan and should garner some attention in the middle rounds. A very thick and powerful looking frame. Likely will play 4-3 DE at the next level. Lacks the ideal fluidity in his lower body to play OLB. Coverage skills are totally underdeveloped. Big enough frame to potentially grow into 3-4 DE role. Very good hand usage and his long arms can really dictate the action. Has continually improved throughout his collegiate career while still having a lot more to learn. Average straight-line speed and modest pass-rushing abilities. Stout against the run and holding his ground. Not easily pushed around and does a nice job flowing toward the football. So-so jump off the snap. Must improve contain and sealing the edge. Limited athleticism will keep him out of the early rounds. He plays tight and must learn to bend and flex around the corner. Goodman projects as a late-third to fourth round selection in the 2013 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
Stanford Cardinal tight end Levine Toilolo has extreme height and would provide a massive frame to an offense. While lacking ideal speed, his length, huge target and willingness to work the middle of the field should carry him at the next level. Continued improvement to his flexibility could potentially catapult his talents. Struggles to bend properly when blocking and it is very easy for defenders to gain leverage against him inside. Very long arms. Above-average hands. Difficult matchup on 50/50 balls should make him a red zone target. Lacks polish in his routes and must learn to be more sudden in his movements. Average straight-line speed with below-average acceleration and burst. Long strider. Very high cut build, will need to add more strength in his lower half. Will struggle catching low throws due to poor flexibility. Injured his ACL and MCL three years ago. Has NFL pedigree in his family. Intelligent player who seems to be able to handle multiple roles in formations. Toilolo projects as a fourth round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.... [Read More]
TCU Horned Frogs defensive end Stansly Maponga is an undersized, yet well-built prospect that can provide a pass rush and will need to improve his ability to anchor against the run. Likely a rotational or situational pass rusher. Good length despite shorter stature. Can be a handful when keeping good pad level and extending his arms properly. Strong upper body and lacks comparable power in lower half. Power pass rush still limited. Lackadaisical against the run later in games. Narrow hips limit potential to play three downs.... [Read More]
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Notre Dame safety Zeke Motta was a highly productive player for the Fighting Irish. Hurt his stock with some underwhelming numbers at the Combine. Too often looks for the big hit. Great build and length. Top-end speed and agility is below average. Will be challenged deep by fast receivers. Can't play single-high (Cover 1). Doesn't make many plays on the ball and doesn't seem to track the ball very well in the air. Below-average fluidity in hips. Intelligent diagnosis of plays. Good base and power in lower body.... [Read More]
Duke Blue Devils quarterback Sean Renfree is a developmental prospect with some promising details to his game. Overachieved often with Duke. Tall, good frame and adequate bulk. Above-average athletically. Stands tall in the pocket, keeps eyes downfield. Locks onto primary receiver at times. When he's reading his progressions properly, gets into a great rhythm. Risk-taker. Threw a lot of interceptions. Above-average accuracy on short and intermediate routes. Needs to improve foot speed to slide around the pocket. Needs a year or two to blossom.... [Read More]
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