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2012 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Raiders

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Utah Utes offensive line prospect Tony Bergstrom is an ideally sized, strong tackle that has limited potential to play left tackle. He will likely only play right tackle for most of his career. He has adequate quickness and good strength. Bergstrom will be 26 when the 2012 NFL season starts since he went on a two-year religious mission. Bergstrom does his best in tight spaces and usually gets himself into trouble by lunging or reaching with his upper half. He'll have to learn to keep his feet underneath him while also not getting too upright. Arm length is average and he'll need to use his power to his advantage more. He is physical, plays all the way to the whistle, yet just lacks that intensity every single play. The footwork is what is holding him back. He stomps around a bit in open space. Not a natural or smooth pull blocker. Gets off the line pretty well, but just moves around inefficiently. A move to guard may be necessary. At guard, the footwork is a non-issue. The coaching can focus on his hand placement and bend which won't take as long to correct since he bends at his hips pretty well already. Bergstrom isn't the ideal guard height, but there are plenty of tall ... [Read More]
San Diego State linebacker Miles Burris is a versatile prospect who could potentially play inside or outside. He's more comfortable outside but with experience, has the right frame to patrol the middle. Burris has a powerful upper body and is at his best when playing downhill at the snap. He wraps and breaks down well as a tackler. He bends well on the edge to get his pads down and will be a real asset to the Oakland Raiders who selected him in the fourth round. The Raiders were lacking in linebacker depth and while Burris won't immediately take over for Aaron Curry, Burris could see the field in pass rushing situations. Burris doesn't display great coverage skills and is the type of player to most comfortable with his assignment in front of him. He read and reacts very well with a great violent explosion towards the ball-carrier. Displays good closing speed and takes angles well. When mixing it up in the trenches, he lacks consistent technique. Burris plays with a great tenacity that should carry him safely into a roster spot and playing rotation early in his career.... [Read More]
Jack Crawford is a raw prospect with a great frame, limited upside and lacks positional versatility. Crawford has a long body type but needs to continue to add more strength in his lower half. Due to a lack of power, he generates very little push even against average college competition. Crawford is able to knock down passes and often plays with a high pad level since he will sometimes abandon a pass rush in order to go up for the swat. He has solid lateral movement and possesses average athleticism. He is a developmental prospect with limited experience. He has only played football for five years, including his career at Penn State. Crawford will not be able to play in his first year and for now, only projects as a left defensive end. He has very little experience dropping back into coverage. If a team adds him, they will have to guide him through the basics of reading offenses and fortify his knowledge and understanding of the game. Crawford could end up part of a rotation, but may not have the potential to ever start in the NFL.... [Read More]
Arizona Wildcats wide receiver Juron Criner is a big (and sometimes), physical prospect who (with a little polish) could become a great talent in the NFL. Criner's best attributes are his special combination of size and speed. He doesn't play quite as tough as you might expect for a player of his size, but he shows a nice ability to get downfield and simply come down with the football. At best, he's an average route runner, but when the ball is in the air, Criner's hand-eye coordination is top notch. Using his body to shield off defenders, he can elevate and catch the ball in unorthodox ways. Criner is a bit sloppy with his body control, but does a good job to get his hands on the ball and come down with it. After making catches, he looks to get upfield hard and fast. In order to keep improving, he needs to do better using his hands to get off of press coverage. Criner absorbs contact while route running very well. He'll need to do a better job with coming back to throws and not just allowing the ball to come to him. Criner needs to run well at the combine and display his athleticism to separate himself from other projected middle round receivers.... [Read More]
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