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2012 NFL Draft Picks By Team: Dolphins

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Tannehill is a converted quarterback after playing wide receiver for the first half of his career. It should be noted that Tannehill wasn't just some reserve receiver, he was the team's leading receiver the two seasons prior to becoming a quarterback. Like you might imagine for a wide receiver turned quarterback, Tannehill has a very lean frame that will need to be bulked up to take punishment in the NFL. And while he is particularly mobile and fleet-footed when he decides to tuck and run, he certainly needs a lot of work with his mechanics and footwork. Scouts can see the potential given his height, quick release and solid accuracy on short to intermediate, but his arm strength is lacking. On deep balls, there just isn't much accuracy and he seems to be aiming or guiding his long throws, rather than just letting it rip. His stock is on the rise since he is leading the Texas A&M Aggies to plenty of wins, but when the tape comes on, reality sets in. You've got an inexperienced quarterback with a ton of potential who will need patience and coaching in order to be a full-fledged NFL quarterback. Recent reports have Tannehill likely becoming a Top 10 selection. The Browns may... [Read More]
Andrew Luck isn't the only Stanford prospect with first round potential. Martin's strengths revolve around his high football IQ, quickness and ability to move well in open space. He displays an elite talent for run blocking. Using a low pad level, he moves defenders to create running room. He can quickly get to the second level and has sufficient speed to pull. As a pass protector, there is room for improvement. Sometimes relies too much on quickness to get him into position. His footwork will need to be cleaned up. Bull rushers can catch him off-balance and he will have to do a better job of keeping his balance. Improving his knee-bend while absorbing contact could immediately improve how he takes on power moves. His athleticism, and the upside that comes from it, should benefit him in the NFL as teams will feel they can improve his few technical deficiencies. Martin has slid down draft boards due to concerns about his size and bulk. He's not particularly physical and would likely be defined as a finesse blocker. That's a label some offensive line coaches will shy away from. Martin will need to exhibit a more physical, heavy-handed approach leading up to the draft and sho... [Read More]
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Michael Egnew is a big tight end prospect who will be a great target for quarterbacks to throw the ball at. Egnew can line up in the slot and works well in open space. For a player of his height, he has great body control when going up to make a catch. NFL teams will likely want him to add weight, but his athletic potential will trump those concerns. Egnew has long stride speed and can create after the catch. He's a very good route runner for his position and will work defenders ragged with nice cuts inside and outside. Egnew does a great job boxing out defenders, using his frame to his advantage. He has good, but not great hands. Sometimes gets caught trying to get upfield before securing the ball. He will need to be coached up playing out of a three-point stance. Missouri opted to use him out in space by creating mismatches against smaller defenders. Egnew's blocking is very limited and it'll take time for him to grow as a well-rounded tight end. For now, he's a wide receiver in a tight end's body.... [Read More]
There really wasn't much point to redshirting Miller in 2009, because there was no way the Hurricanes were keeping this guy around for four years. Not surprisingly, the running back is gone after two productive years at Miami. As a freshman, Miller amassed 646 yards and six touchdowns on just 108 carries. His yards per carry average (6.0 in 2010) was right up there again in 2011 (5.6) despite a much bigger sample size. In 12 games, Miller rushed 227 times for 1272 and six touchdowns. He has seven 100-yard rushing games, including a 184-yard performance against Ohio State. The Miami native is built solidly at 5'11'' and 212 pounds. His speed is what is going to earn him his paycheck on Sundays; he generally runs a 4.40 in the 40-yard dash and has been clocked as fast as 4.32 from that distance. With that combination of speed and size, Miller is a load to tackle and he rarely goes down on initial impact. It often requires a lot more than just one defender to end the play when Miller has the ball. Areas in which he could improve are blocking and receiving skills out of the backfield. He caught 28 passes in his career at Miami, an average of 14 per season. Miller is in a fierce comp... [Read More]
Josh Kaddu is an athletic linebacker prospect with a high ceiling, yet currently insufficient skill set that will take time to groom at the next level. He shows a nice burst going after the ball and doesn't shy away from laying the wood. His long arms really wrap well against the ball-carrier. He also does well to drive through and bring him down to the ground. Kaddu is at his best playing downhill and aggressively, although he sometimes bites off more than he can chew, which causes over-pursuit at times. He can play standing up off the edge, but is not yet a great pass rusher. He needs to improve his ability to play with a good pad level and stay under his opponent when being blocked. He could afford to bulk up and still has room on his frame to grow another 10 pounds of muscle. In coverage, he's not ready yet. Still falls back on his athleticism to run around the field and doesn't take great pursuit angles. He can play cleanly through his hips, but he often opens them up and takes himself out of position. In order to take the next step, he needs to use his hands better to disengage from blockers in his pass rush. As for his coverage problems, it is a matter of better unders... [Read More]
Cunningham leaves Michigan State as their all-time leader in receptions and yards. He's not the tallest or the fastest wideout, but Cunningham has a promising blend of talents that could eventually land him as a team's No. 2 on their depth chart. Flashes some polish and versatility as a route runner although he slows down in his breaks. Needs to remain explosive and learn to cut sharper. Cunningham has a nice feel for reading zone defenses and finding the seams and open spots. He lacks the straight line speed to attack defenses vertically. Sometimes gets chippy with defensive backs while running his route and instead needs to focus on his assignment. Cunningham is at his best when he explodes off the line and can work the middle of the field. Teams will really love his physicality and use of his hands as a blocker. Cunningham is a solid mid-round talent who will likely begin contributing on special teams before earning more reps and snaps with the offense. He just has to commit to becoming a better route runner and improve his jump off the line.... [Read More]
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Kheeston Randall is a highly experienced defensive tackle prospect from the Texas Longhorns. Randall was primarily asked to occupy double-teams to free up one-on-one situations for his defensive line teammates. Randall wasn't highly productive in 2011, but proved stout against the run by holding his ground and maintaining gap integrity. Randall's size means he should be considered a viable 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT, although his pass-rushing talents are limited. He does not display an array of swim moves, but can at times use explosion to catch a blocker out of position. He relies on his size too often when tackling in space and needs to wrap up with his arms through the tackle. What is very promising though is that Randall is athletic for his size and shows a lot of potential if coached up. Randall is such a natural physically that he doesn't consistently use the right techniques, which has limited him as a player. He doesn't do well using his hands to set up where his body wants to go, but that said, he has long arms and a great frame. Currently a bit undervalued, Randall is a likely middle round draft pick.... [Read More]
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