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Weber State vs. Idaho State

01/14 06:00 PM CB (731) WEBER STATE VS (732) IDAHO STATE

Take: (731) WEBER STATE

Reason: Good spot for a blowout tonight. Idaho State has won two straight, but this is a terrible team. The Bengals had by far their best game of the year in smashing Northern Colorado, and followed that up with a thrilling road win at Southern Utah on Saturday. That was a big game for Idaho State, as Bill Evans, their new head coach, was at Southern Utah for 15 years. Now they return home to face a well-rested Weber State team that has had a few days off since winning at Southern Utah. One stat tells the story here. Weber State has a better three-point FG percentage than Idaho State has overall. Also worth noting is the fact that Weber State lost on this court last season, so they figure to not take this for granted. Idaho State is not a great threat to sneak through the back door late as they only hit about 29% on their treys. Rare spot where the more motivated team figures to be the far superior road favorite, so that makes this a good opportunity to cash a winner with Weber State minus the points.

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