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10 Fantasy Football Mistakes to Avoid

If you clicked on this story link (and decide to keep reading), you have taken a good first step toward avoiding the mistakes that can contribute to a less-than-spectacular fantasy football season. Certainly, "Not waiting until the last minute to do your research" falls somewhere on the Top 10 list of errors an owner makes to hurt their chances at winning a title.

As we all know, managing your fantasy football team isn't exactly rocket science, but there are owners who err during the offseason and/or early in the preseason, and then wonder why they finish the regular season in the bottom half of their league. Really, achieving your goals can be quite simple. If repeating the word "location" sums up real estate success, then fantasy football success might be gained by remembering the notion of "information, information, information." The more information you have, the better off you will be in the long run.

While this is not an end-all, cure-all guide to prevent those occasional lapses in judgment we all have at times, at least it's a start in the right direction to keep them to a minimum. In no particular order, here goes one owner's opinion.

1. Do not rely solely on the plethora of magazines that are popping up on newsstands near you. While the information within those mags is nice and condensed, and generally easy to follow, it will be way outdated by the time your draft comes around and the regular NFL season begins. Most of them are put together shortly after the NFL draft and don't take into consideration training camp injuries or position battles.

2. As much as we want you to use FFToolbox.com as your sole source of fantasy football information, the reality is that you have to branch out and look at other online sites, as well. Remember, unless a writer is stating a fact - Kurt Warner is currently the starting the QB for the Arizona Cardinals, for instance - what you read about a player or team situation is strictly opinion-oriented. Get a few opinions about a player you have in mind - maybe a sleeper or someone you consider a bust - and then make the decision knowing that you looked at all sides. Don't limit your resources.

3. Know your league's scoring rules before selecting certain players. If your fantasy league rewards points for running back receptions, for example, you need to know that before deciding between, say, Brian Westbrook (61 receptions in 2005) and Kevin Jones (20 receptions in 2005). Don't pick a Jerome Bettis-type running back - more focused on scoring TDs - if your league is yardage-oriented.

4. As fun as it sounds, don't show up drunk for your fantasy draft. A couple of years ago, an owner in my league did this and his draft was a disaster. Of course, it was great fun for the other owners to watch him crash-and-burn that night, but his season sucked.

5. Don't be the gullible owner of your league, falling for lopsided trade offers, etc.; and yes, each league has one. In fact, recall the scene in the poker movie "Rounders" when Matt Damon's character says, "Listen, if you can't spot the sucker at the table in your first half hour at the table then you ARE the sucker." Don't be the sucker in your league. Always make sure that you get equal compensation for trades.