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How to use the NFL Bye Week to Your Advantage

One of the best benefits of trading that you should focus on is how the other coaches mismanage and fear the bye week.

If you feel you can improve your team through the trade process, then you really do want to specialize with the byes. The bye week should be one of the most important advantages in playing fantasy football. Most coaches have not even considered this, as they just plain hate the bye weeks and what it forces them to do. If you have an unhappy coach, you may possibly have a happy trading partner.

In 2006, almost 20 percent of the NFL teams will be off for both Week 6 and Week 7. This is new and a golden opportunity for you. Let's say that it's Week 5 and your opponent has just realized he has three players off on Week 7 and is in panic mode. You, however, always had an eye on this certain RB (of his) that you didn't draft on purpose, hoping you could get him as a trade if he proved he could produce. If you offered another capable RB to get this RB during the bye week, he may be forced to jump, especially if he needs the victory to stay in the fantasy hunt.

After the draft, look for those strong players you covet in Weeks 6 and 7 and watch other teams' progress to see if a trade is possible down the road. Make your notes at the draft, bring them out in Week 5 and look strongly at some trade proposals. I assure you there will be some teams caught flatfooted, as this is the first time the NFL has done this.

For 2006, some real gems could be Jackson (RB) of St Louis, Bennett (WR) of Tennessee, or even Watson (TE) of New England. Many NFL teams use the bye week for extra practice then bring in their rookies that have been setting the bench up to now. You might possibly get these guys for a song (after your opposition used a high draft pick on them), White (RB) of Tennessee, Maroney (RB) of New England, and Addai (RB) of Indianapolis. A true sleeper even in week 6 could be Jennings (WR) for Green Bay. Bottom line is for you to try not to draft any players from these two bye weeks and see what comes into focus later.

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