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Week 11: Sit 'Em

These usually solid players are not worth starting this week due to match-up, injury, or other circumstances This week's picks include Andy Dalton, Reggie Bush, Roy Helu, Willis McGahee, and Daniel Thomas.

Week 10 wrap-up:

Shonn Greene - Greene rushed for a mere 61 yards and caught a few short yardage passes.

Marshawn Lynch - Lynch faced the number one ranked Baltimore defense and tore them up, who could have expected that? Lynch gained 109 rushing yards and nearly 60 passing yards.

Jay Cutler - Cutler threw for 123 yards with no score and lost a fumble.

Jabar Gaffney - Gaffney grabbed 3 passes for 37 yards.

Chris Ivory - Ivory did not receive any carries this past week and was a total bust.

Mike Williams - Williams faces Jonathan Joseph

Cedric Benson - Benson faced a tough Pittsburgh defense and rushed 15 times for 57 yards and caught one short yardage pass.

This week you should consider sitting:

Beanie Wells - Beanie's injured knee seems to be wreaking havoc on his performance of late. I do not trust his abilities vs. a tough and surging San Francisco team.

Daniel Thomas - Thomas has finally come back from his injury, but now faces the fact that Reggie Bush is productive. Until Bush falters, expect Thomas to be a back-up.

Andy Dalton - Dalton faces a tough Baltimore defense this week. I think he will be limited with his passing attempts and the pressure will be on.

Reggie Bush - I predict that Buffalo will jump out to a lead under Fred Jackson and Fitzpatrick. This means the Miami running game could be limited as the team plays catch-up.

Willis McGahee - McGahee was productive against Oakland a week ago, but is now battling a hamstring injury. He will likely be sidelined; but even if he does play, the New York defense and a healthy Lance Ball will limit his production.

Roy Helu - Helu has been up and down on the fantasy radar. His production in the passing game a week ago was impressive, but this past week he was a non-factor. Look for another lackluster performance out of Helu as he spits time with Torain this week.

Plaxico Burress - Burress is not the most consistent wide out. Yes, he has been productive some weeks, but not every week. Look for this to be a down week vs. Denver.


Dalton faces a stout Baltimore defense in Week 11. After throwing 170 yards with 2 scores and 2 interceptions vs. Pittsburgh, I think Dalton will be further limited against Baltimore. Cedric Benson was limited against Pittsburgh, but we all saw Marshawn Lynch run on Baltimore. I think Benson will do well against the Baltimore run defense and Dalton will feel the pressure in the passing game. Look for Dalton to throw for 180-200 yards with one score and at least one interception (if not more).


Reggie Bush has come on in recent weeks with both scoring and yardage, but in his Week 11 match-up vs. Buffalo, I foresee a Buffalo lead under the production of Fred Jackson and Ryan Fitzpatrick. This means that Miami will have to face throwing the ball to keep pace. Bush has value in the passing game, but has not been that productive in this manner this season. The Miami running game might have to take a back seat this week. I would predict that Bush will gain 50-60 yards rushing and catch a few passes, but be kept out of the end zone.


Dallas held Washington running backs to under 70 rushing yards combined in their last outing. Helu had an exceptional receiving game a week ago, but then appeared mere mortal this past week vs. Miami. Helu is splitting time with Ryan Torain and can not be expected to produce in the passing game as he did a week ago with 14 receptions and massive yardage. Look for Helu to get 4-6 carries and gain 20-25 yards this week. He might get 4-5 looks as a receive and grab 3-4 passes for short yardage. All-in-all, Helu is not a player that I would trust at this stage in the fantasy season, even though Torain is not impressive either.


McGahee's hamstring injury is likely to severely limit him this week or keep him sidelined. Willis is probably a game-time decision and that means that Lance Ball is the best option at running back for Denver. With Moreno out and McGahee injured, Ball will pick up the slack. McGahee showed prowess vs. Oakland, scoring twice and racking up the yardage, but an injured McGahee vs. New York is not an option that interests me as a fantasy owner. Keep McGahee on your bench this week even if he is active.


Thomas is finally healthy although he now faces a greater challenge in that Reggie Bush has been productive. Miami has been waiting for Bush to get his act in gear and it appears that he is getting in the groove. Thomas has potential, but if Bush is providing the punch that Miami needs, the team will continue in this fashion. Thomas is likely to continue to see limited touches in upcoming games. In Week 11 Miami faces Buffalo and I foresee a mix of Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson tearing up the Miami defense. This means that Miami will have to throw the ball to keep pace. Thomas might rush for 30 yards at most and see a few short yardage receptions. Thomas might still have value this fantasy season, so he is a tough drop to the waiver wire, but you might consider it.