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Week 8: Player Downgrades

The players whose long-term value is falling and, depending on league size, should be benched or even cut. This week's picks include Colt McCoy, Philip Rivers, Jackie Battle, Daniel Thomas, and Eric Decker.


There was a time (and what a wonderful time it was) when Reggie Wayne was fantasy royalty. You could almost pencil in 80 yards, 6 receptions, and a touchdown every single game. He was a beast, whether we're talking about his days alongside Marvin Harrison, or the few recent years he's been the No. 1 guy. Unfortunately, fantasy football is a cruel mistress. One year, you're one of the best and then just like that, it's all gone. Wayne hasn't hit paydirt since Week 1 and to make matters worse, his production has been on the slow decline every since. The Colts' preferred deep threat is now Pierre Garcon since Wayne simply can't stretch the defenses like he once could. Don't get me wrong, you throw a ball anywhere near his radius and he'll probably come down with it. But with the Colts sputtering, he's just not worth the playing time. Good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


Zero targets, zero catches, and zero yards. That miserable stat line belongs to none other than Dallas Clark. It's hard not to downgrade the entire Indianapolis Colts team, but Clark was notably absent and therefore notably worthless this past weekend. Clark is tied for the league lead in drops (six) and although he's had a couple nice games, he's definitely not producing like he was in years past. The reasons for that are obvious but even so, his fantasy value is inconsistent and unreliable. In a game where the Colts were beaten so badly, how is it even possible for him to not get a single target? The Colts will likely try to correct their mistake and keep him involved in the offense, but it's worth noting that he's hanging back to block along the offensive line a lot more this year. Clark is barely a Top 20 TE and if you're looking for upside, it's not with him.

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