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Week 3: Sit 'Em

These usually solid players are not worth starting this week due to match-up, injury, or other circumstances This week's picks include Eli Manning, Cedric Benson, Reggie Bush, Dwayne Bowe, and Julio Jones.

Week 2 wrap-up:

Ryan Fitzpatrick - 264 passing yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception with 20 plus rushing yards

Donovan McNabb - 228 passing yards with no scores and a few rushing yards

Cam Newton - 432 passing yards with 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions, 53 rushing yards and a score

Shonn Greene - 49 rushing yards with a score and a few receptions for short yardage

Mark Ingram - 51 rushing yards and a lost fumble

Ryan Mathews - 64 rushing yards and a touchdown plus 7 receptions for 62 yards

Chad Ochocinco - 2 receptions for 45 yards

This week I think you should sit:

Eli Manning against Philadelphia. New York's receiving core is mightily banged up and this does not bode well for Manning's productivity.

Cedric Benson vs. San Francisco. San Francisco's defense is looking good against the run, but they are weaker in passing situations. Look for Cincinnati to focus on the passing game this week.

Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark against Pittsburgh. The quarterback and passing situation in Indy is bleak at this point without Manning. I have even heard cries for Brett Favre. Wayne and Clark are not good options this week against a stout defense. Pittsburgh blanked Seattle last week.

Reggie Bush looks to be taking a back seat to Daniel Thomas at this point and it is early in the season.

Dwayne Bowe will likely see solid coverage this week with the Kansas City running game in trouble with the season-ending injury to Jamaal Charles.

Julio Jones might live up to the hype, but not every week and not yet. I think Jones will be limited this week.

Tony Gonzalez against Tampa Bay. Yes, Gonzalez had a huge Week 2, is a hall of fame bound tight end, and by the end of the season he might just trail Jerry Rice for all-time receptions, but he is not going to have monster production every week.


The first quarter and more of Monday night's game was ugly. Manning finally settled in and got things moving in the right direction against St. Louis, but his passing game is struggling. This week against Philadelphia, Manning will have chances to get the passing game on track, but injuries to key wide outs are going to make this difficult. Hakeem Nicks and Domenik Hixon have knee injuries and Mario Manningham is recovering from a concussion. If you have options, I would look elsewhere this week. I think we will see 225 yards, 1 or 2 TDs and just as many interceptions out of Manning this week.


Benson had a solid outing in Week 1 followed by a lackluster Week 2 performance. Inconsistency is not what fantasy owners are looking for. Cincinnati has also had success with passing schemes lately. San Francisco's run defense is tough, but their pass defense needs some work. I suspect that Cincinnati will pass early and often. I like AJ Green as a wide out this week and think that Andy Dalton and his fellow rookie will pick apart San Francisco through the air. Benson will get his touches, but will likely be shut down as he was in Week 2 vs. Denver. Benson should be good for a nominal 65 rushing yards and no score this week.


Reggie Bush was left out of many plays in Week 2 as Miami substituted Daniel Thomas in the running game. Thomas went on to rush for over 100 yards. This does not bode well for Bush's value except in PPR formats, as he will likely remain an option on passing downs out of the backfield. It appears Thomas will get more carries in coming weeks with Bush relegated to other duties. I would consider picking up Thomas if he is available or taking a chance on another back this week and for weeks to come. Bush will be lucky to rush for 25 yards this week. I do think he will see some passes, maybe 4 receptions for 20 yards or so.


The loss of Jamaal Charles in the running game is going to hurt Kansas City all-around. Matt Cassel is going to have to regroup his offense with Dexter McCluster and veteran Thomas Jones handling the backfield. San Diego's defense is likely to stifle both the running and passing games of Kansas City this week with Rivers and his offense overpowering the game. In two games last season Bowe gained a measly 16 yards on two receptions. I just do not like the odds here and history counts for something. Leave Bowe on your bench if you can and seek out another option at wide out or flex. Bowe may see 4-5 receptions for 50-60 yards this week, but no score.


There is much hype surrounding Jones and his potential. At this stage, I look at it as just that, potential. Jones did gain 70 plus yards in Week 1, but he did not score. In Week 2 he caught two passes for 29 yards. I do not feel comfortable starting Jones consistently myself, so I would not recommend it to any other fantasy owner. Look at Jones as an option down the road if he begins to consistently produce. I like his athleticism and size, but need to see more before I buy-in. If Jones sees 60 receiving yards this week you will be lucky.