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Week 4: YTD Targets Inside the Red Zone

We will be looking for emerging trends, flukes, you name it. You can use this data to help you determine who to start, who to trade on the open market, etc.

Tenny Stegman is the owner of FFArmory.com, which analyzes the game's inner stats to give you an edge.

Week 3 RZ Observations:

Some trends are starting to emerge relative to the RZ and fantasy production, but we still have a couple of weeks to go, before this chart starts to paint a clearer picture. Weeks 1 and 2 are all about hitting the panic button or getting unreasonably full of your team. But in weeks 3 and beyond, teams start to gel, and trends begin to take form:

Antonio Gates leads everyone in RZ targets and RZ receiving TDs. That's called a trend.

Jeremy Maclin has 3 total RZ targets and 3 total RZ receiving TDs. That's called a trend that won't last.

Malcom Floyd proved that week 1 was no red-zone fluke, as Phil looked his way 3 more times this past Sunday. His owners should be ecstatic as he is returning the value many sleeper reports thought he would (including ours). 1 RZ TD but two total TDs on the season (one was 50+ yards out).

Run DMC has only received 1 RZ look since Campbell was benched. 1 is better than none, though. (on a side note - totally unrelated to RZ targets - Michael Bush didn't look so hot on Sunday, and this organization has wanted D-Mac to step up for 3 years now - is that time upon us? I know I'm holding out hope).

DeMaryius Thomas received - count 'em - 4 RZ targets this past Sunday bringing his two week total to 5. He was a hot pickup last week, and is now someone you may want to target in trade. Those targets will turn into TDs here eventually.

Jabar Gaffney brought himself back on fantasy radars after a quiet week 2 with 4 RZ targets. Denver kinda likes to pass a lot in the RZ. I suppose Knowshon being down had something to do with all the RZ targets (there were 8 between Demaryius and Jabar alone - add on Eddie Royal's 6 and Brandon Lloyd's 4 - that's a boatload of RZ targets - so how come

Tony Gonzalez finally decided to join us in week 3, hauling in a RZ score and 3 RZ targets.

Was there a fantasy football pundit who saw Austin Collie coming? I am willing to chalk week one up to fantasy randomness, and week 3 up to Pierre Garcon's absence, but pretty soon, I'll be out of excuses and will have to face the fact that this kid could be here to stay. 5 RZ targets on the year and two RZ TD receptions (4 total). The kid's got game and Peyton knows it. He's also got some abnormally long arms for a 6'0" white dude.

Tony Moaeki is no fluke. Cassel targeted him another couple times in the RZ.

Calvin Johnson has 2 RZ targets on the year. The double and triple teams, apparently, are not a thing of the past with Burleson in town. The bright side, though, is that Tony Scheffler and Brandon Pettigrew are doing a lot of damage and will now have to be accounted for after being targeted 18 times this past Sunday.

Johnny Knox owners should be loving his average YPC stats, but not so much on his RZ targets thru 3 weeks. 1? He's just not that tall.

And finally... of the the current top 20 RZ target leaders, I can tell you, with confidence, that Eddie Royal andDeion Branch will NOT be a part of this list in about 2-3 weeks.

Player Team Position Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Total RZ Targets
RZ Receiving TDs
Antonio Gates San Diego TE 1 4 3 8 4
Malcom Floyd San Diego WR 4 0 3 7 1
Eddie Royal Denver WR 0 3 3 6 1
Roddy White Atlanta WR 2 3 0 5 1
Wes Welker New England WR 4 1 0 5 3
Steve Smith Carolina WR 4 0 1 5 1
Tony Moeaki Kansas City TE 1 2 2 5 2
Darren McFadden Oakland RB 4 0 1 5 1
Brandon Marshall Miami WR 1 1 3 5 1
Frank Gore San Francisco RB 2 3 0 5 1
Jabar Gaffney Denver WR 1 0 4 5 1
Deion Branch Seattle WR 1 3 1 5 2
Danny Amendola St. Louis WR 3 0 2 5 0
Demaryius Thomas Denver WR 0 1 4 5 0
Terrell Owens Cincinnati WR 0 4 1 5 0

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