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Week 6: Busts of the Week

These usually solid players are not worth starting this week due to matchup, injury, or other circumstances This week's picks include Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Frank Gore, Michael Turner, and Selvin Young.

Week 6 poses some tough match-ups for several players already struggling this season. Indianapolis faces Baltimore, San Diego will stand against their foe New England, San Francisco will no doubt face troubles with Philadelphia, Atlanta is up against the fierce Chicago defense and Detroit might be without Kitna and dealing with Minnesota. I think you get the point.

Manning and a severely struggling Harrison will have hurdles to overcome when they air it out with Baltimore.

Michael Turner is still the league-leading rusher, but has developed a trend of poor performance when facing tough opponents.

Philip Rivers is going to have to work extra hard to be productive vs. New England, who San Diego seems to falter against.

Kitna is likely out in Detroit and this does not bode well for Calvin Johnson or Roy Williams; did I mention they face Minnesota? Orlovsky and/or Stanton will be interesting playing vs. Minnesota and the wide outs will suffer the consequences.

Gore will need extra super powers to penetrate the Philadelphia line and gain significant yardage.

Selvin Young is a bust until further notice. His carries have been limited and Pittman is excelling in Shanahan's scheme.


Peyton Manning finally had a multiple touchdown game in Week 5. Fantasy owners have been discouraged by this Manning's performance this season. They are accustomed to two, three, maybe four passes tossed into the end zone for points each week, but have instead seen Indianapolis struggle so far in this 2008-2009 campaign. This week Manning and his offense face Baltimore, who will challenge them both in the air and on the ground. In the past Baltimore has been punished by Manning, but this week, I think the Indy offense will not have the luck they have experienced with Baltimore in previous games. Manning will have to work hard in Week 6 to be productive and I foresee difficulty.


Rivers and his high powered offense face New England this week. Normally I would not rank Rivers low on the QB scale (especially this season) with his performance over the first three weeks, but his past vs. New England is not great. Sure Rivers has thrown some TDs against the NE defense, but he also tends to toss as many (if not more) interceptions. Let's put it this way: San Diego in general has faltered vs. New England and I would not put too much credit towards Rivers this week. He struggled against Oakland last week and I think he will see a stout defensive force in Week 6.


Frank Gore is one of those backs that is unpredictable. Last season I placed much faith in Gore only to be disappointed. This season is no different for many fantasy owners. Gore has had one decent game and one stellar game and a few less than average performances. This week Gore will attempt to run on the stand up Philadelphia defense that I have no doubt can shut down both the San Francisco air and ground game. Philadelphia will most likely take an early lead and Gore will be negated by O'Sullivan's air attack to play catch-up. I just do not think you can bet on Gore in Week 6.


Michael "the burner" Turner seems to be setting a disturbing trend. He is highly productive vs. mid-to-low level defenses, but nearly ineffective when he faces strong defenses that attack the ground game -- namely Tampa Bay and Carolina to-date. In Week 6 he will be up against the mean, lean Chicago defense that should shut him down if his trend continues. There is always the chance that Turner will buck this trend and extend his playing to the level of potential that most fantasy owners are banking on. Reluctantly, since Turner is one of my main guys, I have to say that he might not be the best choice this week.


Strained groin or no strained groin, Selvin Young is not looking at a promising scenario in Denver. Michael Pittman is playing quite well and if you know one thing about Mike Shanahan, he plays his backs that are performing and has no problem sitting those that are not. Young only received 10 carries in Week 5 vs. Tampa Bay and has not been handed the ball more than 11 times in a game this season. Pittman appears to be the man in Denver and this makes Young a bust until Pittman stalls out or is injured.