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Get Free Access to FFToolbox Pro: Defense / Who Do I Start Tool

An introduction to FFToolbox Pro's Who Do I Start (WDIS) Tool

Here at FFToolbox, we have developed a handful of new tools to help give you every advantage possible heading in to your fantasy season. Now you will have more information than ever before to gain a leg up on your competition. If your goal is to win a championship, you need to check out these tools. If winning a championship is not your goal, then you may be reading the wrong article. The FFToolbox Pro tools are the newest, most in-depth statistical and situational analyses out there. Sign up and make sure you take full advantage of these tools offered only to our FFToolbox members.

The Who Do I Start Defense tool has all the information you could want when deciding on which players to start. In the "Player Stats" section, you can see how the defense that is next up on a player's schedule has statistically fared against every player faced at their position regardless of depth chart rankings. If you want to examine how a certain defense has performed against No. 3 WRs or No. 2 RBs, we've got you covered. In total, you can literally break down what a defense has done against every single offensive player faced.

How a team defense stacks up for the season or week to week against a certain position can be found in the "Team Stats" section. Here, you can see how many fantasy points a defense has allowed to a certain position each week on average and where it ranks against that position compared to the rest of the league. This may be … no, this is the best tool available anywhere for those looking to answer one simple question: Who do I start (WDIS)? It's not always about what your offensive player does against defenses; it's also about what defenses do against offensive players.

Your usual starter has a tough matchup and you're not sure if you should roll with your starter or plug in the next guy up. You're left wondering WDIS?

Just as an example, let's say you have Michael Floyd, and you have stuck with him throughout the season. Now it's Week 12, and the Cardinals are going up against the Legion of Boom in Seattle. This is as bad a matchup as you can get. You have Cecil Shorts sitting on your bench, and he's facing the Houston Texans. You use the WDIS Defense tool to check the Seahawks' defensive statistics and see that they are dominant against all wide receivers, especially No. 2 WRs. So you want to see how Shorts matches up with the Texans' defense.

As shown in the example picture, Shorts is his team's No. 1 WR (at least he was in 2013), and the Texans have really struggled against such players recently. T.Y. Hilton lit them up for 121 yards and three TDs in Week 9, and even Rod Streater managed to put up 92 yards and a score on them in Week 11. Even though Floyd is the superior player, Shorts is clearly the safer play based on the matchups. Now you can confidently start Shorts and keep Floyd on your bench.

In case you were wondering, Shorts went for eight receptions and 71 yards in that game last season. Floyd played against Seattle in Week 16 and caught one pass: a 31-yard touchdown.

Things change during the course of a season, and you want to know what every defense has done recently on a week-to-week basis. You are torn between two QBs, and you want to know which defense has been hot and which has been cold. You have two statistically close QBs and wonder WDIS?

You have a big Week 12 matchup. This is a must-win week for you. You have been platooning QBs in and out all year but this week, you really don't know who to start. One of your quarterbacks is going against the Bengals. The other is up against the Chiefs. You know the Chiefs' defense started off red-hot. Now, their overall stats are still pretty good, but compared to the Bengals, how have they both been recently? Exactly how many fantasy points have they given up to QB1s in the past week, two weeks, three weeks, whatever you want. For the sake of the article, we'll just say one week.

You can go in to the "Team Stats" section and see exactly what every defense did against every position in Week 11. As shown in the example picture, the Chiefs are coming off a tough week in which they gave up 20.2 fantasy points to their opposing QB1. On the contrary, Cincinnati is coming off a strong week; they gave up only 13.4 points to their opposing QB1. If that's not enough information for you to make a decision, examine data from earlier weeks. While the decision is still yours to make, we provide you with all the information you can possibly need to make the most educated decision possible.

Comparing Players

Another available feature is the ability to open up multiple players' statistics and matchups at the same time. If you want to compare two players at the same time, go right ahead. For example, say you have to choose between Eddie Lacy and Le'Veon Bell. It would be so much easier to have their stats available on the same page instead of clicking back and forth. Well, we're always trying to make things easier for you here at FFToolbox, and that's exactly what we did for you.

As shown in the example picture, all you have to do is click on both players and simply scroll up and down. This makes comparing and contrasting stats and matchups immensely easier. No searching through multiple pages or opening multiple windows. It just takes one simple click for each player, and all the stats are right there. Even if you have a really complicated decision that involves choosing among four or five players, it can all be seen on one page.


This is a fantastic tool in our FFToolbox Pro kit. There is so much information in one place. In the past you would have had to peruse the Internet for extended periods of time to find all of this information, if you could find it at all. But all of this is being offered to you just for signing up with a FREE FFToolbox account.

Any week, any player, any team. You will no longer have to wonder who to start in any situation. Well, you still may wonder, but at least you will have all the information you could ever want and need to make the best decision for your fantasy team. Whether you're heading in to your draft or the heart of your season, the WDIS Defense tool is an invaluable piece of technology that will help propel your fantasy team to victory!

How to Sign-Up

1. At the top right of the page, click Register. (If you already have an FFToolbox account, you already have access, just log in!)

2. Fill out the very brief form.

3. After logging-in, you will land on this page. It is your account dashboard. Under Toolbox Pro, Click the button labeled "DEFENSE". If you cannot find this page, click your username at the top-right of the page.

4. This is an example screenshot of the Defense (Team Stats) tool. Enjoy!

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