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Preseason PRO Picks are back for 2014!

A re-introduction to our high-stakes Fantasy Football Experts' picks for the 2014 season.

Last year, our Preseason PRO picks were a smashing success. Let's face it, there is a big difference between a Fantasy Football Expert sharing his thoughts in an article and a true high-stakes Fantasy Football world champion. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

We here at FFToolbox and Scout Fantasy have enlisted seven of the world's most accomplished, distinguished and successful high-stakes pros to recommend their picks across five player categories: Breakout Player, Bust Player, Sleeper, Comeback Player and Stash and Cash (or deep sleeper).

In order to provide our loyal FFToolbox readers a taste of success, we have made available the Preseason PRO picks from Ian Ritchie. Click here to view his FREE selections. Not only is Ritchie a formerly ranked No. 1 high-stakes Fantasy Football champion, he is now the Director of the Fantasy Football World Championships. These expert selections are his own personal picks and he provided detailed insight for every choice.


Achievements: 4 Top 15 Finishes in National Tournaments
Former #1 Player in the World
From: Seattle, WA

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Unlocked access to Ian Ritchie's Preseason PRO picks is free, but the only way you can view the remaining SIX high-stakes Fantasy Football Experts' Preseason PRO picks is by becoming a premium member to Scout Fantasy! Once again, it's just $7.95 for one month and the Preseason PRO picks are yours. Your premium membership includes access to the full array of Preseason PRO picks, daily cutting-edge Fantasy Sports content produced by the talented writing staff here at FFToolbox, access to the Scout Fantasy Premium member forum and the entire Scout network!


Achievements: 3 Top 5 and 5 Top 20 Finishes
World Rank: #5
From: Chicago, IL
Click here to UNLOCK John's Preseason PRO picks


Achievements: Ranked #5 in 2013, 7 Top 30 Finishes
World Rank: #9
From: Tulare, CA
Click here to UNLOCK Mike's Preseason PRO picks


Achievements: 1 #1 Overall and 4 Top 60 Finishes
From: Lowell, MA
Click here to UNLOCK Tim's Preseason PRO picks


Achievements: 2013 FFWC Champion, 3 Top 10s, 6 Top 20s
World Rank: #6
From: Long Island, NY
Click here to UNLOCK Glenn's Preseason PRO picks


Achievements: 4 Top 10 Finishes
World Rank: #8
From: Sellersburg, IN
Click here to UNLOCK Kimra's Preseason PRO picks


Achievements: 2012 FFWC Champ, 3 #1s and 7 Top 20 Finishes
Current Rank: #4
From: Natick, MA
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