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Get Free Access to FFToolbox Pro: Snaps Tool

An introduction to FFToolbox Pro's Snaps Tool

(Editor's intro: When most people first hear the name of our lovely website (Fantasy Football Toolbox), the meaning may be lost on them. What we set out to provide are unique, comprehensive and advanced tools for the fantasy football community. Although we offer news, articles, rankings, cheatsheets, contests, tournaments, lists and everything in between; ultimately, sometimes readers want to do their own research. They don't want to hear what some "Fantasy Football Expert" thinks on every subject. They can make their own decisions. Do their research. Come to their conclusions. That's why FFToolbox is expanding their library of tools to include FFToolbox Pro. All you have to do to gain access to this new array of weapons for your Fantasy arsenal is sign up and log-in to FFToolbox. It's totally FREE once you're signed in, it's that simple. These tools are free for a limited-time only! Use them to your advantage now!)

Fantasy owners want more information at their fingertips. More analysis, more insights. A better and faster way to gain an edge against their opponents. Your fantasy league may not have any money on the line, but you still want bragging rights! If you're going to do something, you want to do it right. We here at FFToolbox want to help you accomplish those goals.

We have a new way for you to take a closer look at the game. By using our new SNAPS tool, you can view­ and sort the number of snaps and touches for every player in the league. That includes individual defensive players as well. You can even view the numbers of special teams snaps a punter or kicker played in a given week. Get crazy! Know every single thing there is to know, I'm not judging! These totals also include the postseason. First, all you have to do is create an account at FFToolbox and sign-in. It'll only take you a minute and you'll have access to SNAPS and other great, new tools we are calling FFToolbox Pro.

How can you use SNAPS to your advantage? Well, let's walk through some scenarios.

Backfield Splits and Usage

Let's say you want to figure out how many snaps New England Patriots RB Shane Vereen earned in 2013 during the games he played in limited action. You're concerned about Vereen maintaining his role due to the presence of RBs Stevan Ridley and rookie James White. By selecting "All Weeks", it would display his totals for the games he participated in. For example, in Week 1, he earned 55 offensive snaps and 11 special teams snaps. He touched the ball 24 times (or on 36-percent of his plays.) You could then look up totals for New England's other backs to get a feel for the entire backfield's usage. During the season, you can monitor Vereen's ownership of the featured back title while keeping a close eye on the possible emergence of White.

Defensive Rotations

It was widely publicized that a key to the Seattle Seahawks' pass-rush was the heavy rotation implemented along their defensive line. Perhaps you're trying to determine whether you want to add defensive end Cliff Avril off the waiver wire as a bye week replacement. After doing some digging, you might notice that Avril only played in 44 defensive snaps in Week 2 of 2013. In total, Seattle was on defense for 76 snaps. This indicates you may want to consider another player that is on the field more consistently since Avril can't score points if he isn't even on the field.
This same logic applies to all positions. Defensive backfields will sometimes rotate in a nickel corner that would sub in for a linebacker. Some outside linebackers sub in during pass rush situations. There are defensive linemen that are predominantly used on running downs. All of these considerations are worth noting for IDP owners.

Specialty Situations

Ever thought about whether or not a player is used as a decoy? Or the counter-example of that would if a player isn't used as a decoy, but instead they are taken out of the game when they definitely won't be used. Check out this interesting stat you'd never see in a box score.

Last season, San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews enjoyed a career-best season. Did you know though that he touched the ball 67.5-percent of the time? That may not mean much to you since you've never logged or heard of such a statistic, but this abnormally high. This suggests that the Chargers are content to use a split backfield and when they do insert Mathews into the game, the ball is probably going to him. Let's compare Mathews' touch-percentage to other workhorse backs. LeSean McCoy never eclipsed 54-percent and was often under 50-percent in his touch-percentage. Jamaal Charles peaked in Week 1 last year with 61-percent but then only surpassed 50-percent three more times in the regular season. Matt Forte only had more than 50-percent once. You get the idea.

Now that you know this, you can keep it in mind for the future or attempt to find trends for any other backfield. One great application would be with the 49ers' backfield if you want to monitor Frank Gore or you can keep an eye on Marshawn Lynch since many feel he is due for a down year after compiling so many touches in recent years. By comparing his touch-percentages in the early weeks of the season to what he did in previous years, you might determine that Seattle is proactively limiting his workload by giving him fewer snaps on plays where he doesn't get the ball.


Fantasy players can only score points for you when they're on the field. Through analysis of snap counts and understanding the percentage of touches are just two obvious examples you can use to find an edge on your opponents. By accessing FFToolbox PRO, we bring the information to you.

How to Sign-Up

1. At the top right of the page, click Register. (If you already have an FFToolbox account, you already have access, just log in!)

2. Fill out the very brief form.

3. After logging-in, you will land on this page. It is your account dashboard. Under Toolbox Pro, Click the button labeled "Snaps". If you cannot find this page, click your username at the top-right of the page.

4. This is an example screenshot of the Snaps tool. Enjoy!