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Five WR Questions for Five Winners (PREMIUM PREVIEW)

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We asked five of the best players in recent years from the Fantasy Football World Championships five questions about this year's wide receivers. First, let's meet the panel:

Larry Gold – "The Adam Schefter of High-Stakes Fantasy Football" An accomplished former writer for Sporting News, Larry jumped into the world of high-stakes Fantasy Football, finishing as high as sixth overall in the World Championships, then launched his career as a professional poker player. He's back in the industry, this time covering the World Championships for Scout. His Rolodex of high-stakes players keeps the community informed of what the best players in the world are doing in drafts. He still plays to win, but he's here to help you win in the process.

Brad Kruse; ranked No. 28 in the world – Brad finished 14th overall in last year's World Championships. He also had three teams make the championship round. He's had two top-15 finishes and three top-25 finishes in his career. Usually teaming with his brother Tim, they're known as "The Fantasy Assassins." Brad will be competing in this year's Commander 5K and the Mirage Invitational.

David Hughes; ranked No. 87 in the world – David has been playing high stakes for only four years. Last year, David finished fourth overall in the World Championships and had a year for the record books. After having the ninth-best fantasy season of ANY player in the country across every national competition, his name was plastered at the top of the leaderboards. His bold call to go heavy with Broncos last year catapulted him to total regular-season domination. He's no one-trick pony, however; David has had a championship-winning team in eight of his last nine events. Get to know the name.

Rich McClellan; ranked No. 45 in the world – Rich, aka "Codecracker," has been one of if not the most successful high-stakes manager in the country of late. In 2012, he finished fourth in one national competition and last season, he finished fifth overall in the World Championships. His partners, Roger Gonzalez and Paula Lacy, have a little something to do with that success, but the one constant is Rich. This Dayton, Ohio resident also serves on the board of the Fantasy Players Association.

Mike Santos; ranked No. 9 in the world – Mike, a fourth-generation dairy farmer from Tulare Calif., keeps racking up top finishes and is one of the budding stars of the industry. Mike's 2013 season ranked fifth-best in the country. He had four teams place in the top 20, leading to a third-place finish overall. Eight of his 10 teams last season had winning records, and six of them made the World Championship Playoffs. There's science to this skill. Mike teams with his partner, Dr. Kurt Kuekes, and they are known as "Coyote Assassins."

Editor's note: Mike gave us only 3 answers of the 5, and we're grateful we got those!

Which wide receiver currently drafted outside of the top 30 at his position has the best chance of surprising fantasy owners with a top-15 season?

Gold: Mike Wallace struggled to find his stride in his first year with the Dolphins. However, there were late-season signs that his chemistry with Ryan Tannehill is improving. Wallace scored four touchdowns in the final six weeks of the season and averaged five receptions and 66 yards per game in that period. That projects to 80 receptions and nearly 1,100 yards with 11 TDs over a full season. With Tannehill running for his life behind a porous offensive line, he never had the time to let Wallace get down the field. Any even minor improvement in pass protection will lead to a huge surge in production from Wallace.

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