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Up Close With A High Stakes Fantasy Expert Part 2 (PREMIUM PREVIEW)

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(Editor's intro: The Scout Fantasy Football World Championships are well under way. If you want to step outside your comfort zone and challenge the best Fantasy Football players, join one of our high stakes leagues today!)

Last week, we spoke with Glenn Lowy, who came back from a 47-point deficit during the final games in Week 16 to win the 2013 Fantasy Football World Championship. He shed some light on what he is focused on as we head through August on our way to opening night, Sept. 4th. To read the full Lowy interview, click here.

Lowy knows the high-stakes community will be gunning for him in 2014. Whether it comes from new players or high-stakes veterans, the competition will be fierce as hundreds of owners chase the Scout Fantasy Football World Championship grand prize of $150,000.

One such veteran player focused on defeating Lowy is Chad Schroeder, unquestionably the most successful fantasy player in the history of high-stakes competitions. Schroeder also happened to be the FFWC leader going into Week 16 before Lowy's epic comeback.

Schroeder began competing at the high-stakes level back in 2007 under the team name "Cocktails and Dreams." In that same year, he won a high-stakes competition for $35,000, the first of many big wins.

Schroeder's résumé of fantasy paydays is awe-inspiring. He has more than 30 individual fantasy cashes of $10,000 or more. His incredible collection of results is not limited to just football. Chad has won multiple national contests in baseball, golf and NASCAR.

It's no wonder that the Omaha, Neb. native has been ranked No. 1 in The Fantasy Football High Stakes Global Player Index for the past three years and holds the top ranking for lifetime achievements. He has dominated the space, even though he's had his share of bad beats for life-changing amounts of money.

The self-proclaimed professional sports gambler is a die-hard Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and season-ticket holder. When he's not attending Huskers games or working hard at perfecting fantasy teams, he is rooting for the Los Angeles Kings, Indiana Pacers, Kansas City Royals and Miami Dolphins. One championship team out of that bunch isn't bad.

Schroeder also just got married in July. Chad's been a busy guy.

We recently sat down with Chad to discuss some of his fantasy football experiences and accomplishments. We also chatted about the upcoming 2014 season. His wisdom is invaluable to those looking to get more involved with fantasy football competitions.

To read more about Chad Schroeder's fantasy accomplishments, click here.

Gold: Thank you for joining us today. You put up incredible results in 2013 and have accumulated more than $1 million in earnings since you started competing. Can you talk about some of your most memorable experiences playing fantasy sports for a living?

Chad: Thanks, Larry. Last year was probably my best in terms of consistency and threatening most major competitions. It was frustrating as I let some more overall titles slip through my grasp, namely the FFWC championship, but Glenn had a great team that made a terrific comeback.

The most interesting run was in 2009. I was in a contest in which nearly 7,000 teams were narrowed to 15 and flown to Vegas to decide the million-dollar, first-place prize. After an onslaught in the early games, I was in prime position to win. I had mediocre performances from Adrian Peterson and Steve Slaton in the late games to all but seal the deal. I made the assumption that I was a 98 percent favorite to win it. One team that could threaten had DeAngelo Williams whereas I had Giants defense going Sunday night. He was really the only one with a shot, albeit nearly impossible. He needed about 100 yards and four TDs from Williams along with the Giants' fantasy defense being shut out (the Giants were a strong defense). It was an uneasy feeling as (Jonathan) Stewart got injured on his first carry. No more timeshare. Then Steve Smith was tackled at the 1-yard line, leading to an easy Williams TD. Williams proceeded to score four TDs and totaled 108 yards and cost me a cool $900,000.

Gold: That's an incredibly painful beat. I remember that game. I would have made you a 99.9 percent favorite going into that game. Perhaps a happier topic: Why do you feel you have been so successful?

Chad: I am a rare breed that doesn't necessarily target anyone specifically. I let the draft come to me and take the best available player. My major strength is avoiding bad players and developing fast, high-upside teams in main events. I like good wide receiver play. Finding running back help on the waiver wire has been crucial to many of my winning teams.

Gold: Do you prefer younger players or proven, reliable veterans?

Chad: I prefer speed and that usually means younger talent.

Gold: How important are changes in coaching philosophy when new regimes are hired?

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