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High Stakes Interview: Corey Parson Interview

An inside look and interview with a notable High Stakes Fantasy Football expert.

The "Fantasy Exec" crushed his Rotobowlleague in 2013 and is back for more.

In the moments after a draft, asking fantasy owners for thoughts on their newly constructed rosters will spark all kinds of unreserved responses. Fantasy players are a confident bunch by nature, so prideful trash talking often ensues. Everyone has the best team.

In the case of Corey Parson and his 2013 Rotobowl draft at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, he walked out of the draft room boasting a less-confident tone. In fact, it was the polar opposite of his normal self.

"I have the worst team ever," he said.

Sure you do, Corey. Sure you do.

While Parson wasn't oozing confidence after his Rotobowl draft, he knows his football and brings the knowledge on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. Parson, known as the "Fantasy Executive," is the producer of RotoExperts, which airs Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

"I really wasn't feeling my Rotobowl team last year," Parson said. "I took Jamaal Charles with my first pick at No. 4 but was nervous about him. Pierre Garcon was also an injury risk."

Of course, you know where this is going. Parson dominated his Rotobowl league from the start and won going away. Parson chased the overall title but came up just short. The grand prize was won by Ken Tyson, who topped 551 other teams en route to a healthy $25,000 payday.

In hindsight, Parson's team came together nearly perfectly. In addition to stellar years from Charles and Garcon, Parson's favorite player, Antonio Brown, truly broke out, posting career highs in every receiving category. Parson points to Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley as being a major factor in maximizing Brown's previously unlocked potential. Andre Johnson also had a monstrous season, but he fizzled in the last two weeks when Parson needed him the most during the Rotobowl playoffs.

Beyond the star power, the "Exec" referenced some key successes further down on his roster.

"Chris Johnson was a durable, stable RB2 all year," Parson said. "While Johnson was criticized by many experts, I was happy to plug CJ into my RB2 spot all year and never worry about him. Also, Keenan Allen was a huge waiver-wire pickup for me. My receivers were deep."

He also had Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers and Jordan Reed pre-concussion on his roster. It's safe to say that Parson was ahead of the masses in predicting breakouts last year. No wonder you will often hear him saying on SiriusXM, "You draft against the 'Exec,' you better pack a lunch, son!" He also has a friendly ongoing battle with the acclaimed Dr. Roto as to who is the better drafter. Take one guess where Corey stands on that debate.

Parson is now looking to make a Rotobowl run for a second year in a row – and close the deal this time.

Now with the 10th Annual Rotobowl powered by Scout.com upon us, the grand prize has been raised to $50,000, with an opportunity at a mega-prize of $500,000. You win the mega-prize by winning the Rotobowl AND The Mock Draft World Championship.

One would be wise to not bet against Parson. The "Exec" has been winning fantasy leagues for years in all different formats.

"One of my strengths is being able to adapt to various scoring and roster criteria," Parson said. "I love the double flex in the FFWC events. It's the truest test of skill. It's all about finding value in players that other drafters are missing."

When Parson is not on air or crushing fantasy leagues, he spends time rooting for his favorite teams: the Cowboys, Knicks and Yankees.

We spoke to the "Exec" to get some thoughts on the 2014 season. Some of his answers may surprise you:

Larry Gold: Hey, Corey. Thank you for taking a few minutes to chat with us. Congrats on winning your Rotobowl league last year. What are you looking for in the early rounds this year?

Corey Parson, The Fantasy Executive: I'm looking at wide receiver. I've started Demaryius Thomas/Alshon Jeffery in one league and A. Brown/Julio Jones in another. I like A.J. Green, but he doesn't excite me with Hue Jackson running the offense. I expect the Bengals to run more.

Gold: Love it, Corey. Target those receivers. Any player on a new team who really has your attention?

Exec: DeSean Jackson, 100 percent. Excited to see what he can do with RG3. With Garcon, Alfred Morris and J. Reed out there, Jackson may be unstoppable.

Gold: What positional battles have your eye?

Exec: It's not much of a battle with Knowshon Moreno hurt, but I want to see what Lamar Miller can do.

Gold: Top rookie to watch?

Exec: I like Devonta Freeman. I'm not sure what Steven Jackson has left.

Gold: Biggest steal you are seeing in drafts so far?

Exec: A. Morris. Twenty touchdowns and nearly 3,000 yards in two years, and he's going in the fourth round in some drafts. Incredible value.

Gold: Do you have any advice for fantasy players new to blind bidding for waiver-wire pickups?

Exec: Don't go too crazy with your bidding dollars right away. Don't panic. Target players of need but don't overbid.

There you have it. The "Fantasy Executive" has spoken. Don't be surprised if you see Parson on top of many high-stakes leaderboards throughout the season. You just may find A. Brown on his rosters, too.

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