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Up Close With A High Stakes Fantasy Expert (PREMIUM PREVIEW)

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This article is Part 1 in a six-part series leading up to the start of the Fantasy season that will take us inside the minds of successful high stakes players, giving us insight into what they are thinking about and 'how to win' strategy.

With the 2014 NFL season only six weeks away, we are heading into a month full of fantasy drafts. Lots and lots of fantasy drafts. Updates on injuries, camp battles, spectacular catches and other big plays in camp are hitting our news feeds on social media by the minute; often while we are mid draft. Excitement, high energy and optimism exudes from every training facility. Even though analysis is everywhere, fantasy owners know the importance of sifting through all the noise to distinguish between hype and reality, on the way to shaping their own opinions.

Speak to ten fantasy junkies, and you will get ten distinctly unique perspectives on just about every topic that comes up. One man's bust is another's breakout candidate. Everyone who plays this game is an expert in their own minds. Media personalities, former players, casual fans, and Fantasy fanatics all think they have it figured out, but everyone can't be right, can they?

In order to simplify it for you, we are going to bring you the true experts; the ones who have crushed the high stakes Fantasy space for years and made large sums of money simply by constructing fantasy rosters more consistently and skillfully than the competition. Once a week, every week, leading up to the season kickoff September 4th, you will hear from the best in the game, and get an inside look on what matters when it comes to winning at fantasy in 2014.

With Dwayne Johnson's new film, Hercules, just released, what better time to bring you The People's Champion. No, not The Rock, who is a huge football fan in his own right and is tight with Antonio Brown. The people's champion in high stakes fantasy football circles is Glenn Lowy, winner of FFWC II in 2013, and widely regarded as one of the best fantasy players around. So you better know your role and smell what Glenn's got cooking in this first installment of 'Up Close With a High Stakes Fantasy Expert."

For those not familiar with Lowy, he's been competing on Fantasy's largest stage for years. In 2012, Lowy finished second in a high stakes competition, a contest he lead deep into the final game of the fantasy playoffs. Not deterred from the near victory that came up just short, 'Glenneration X' came back a year later to defeat 335 competitors to win the second annual Fantasy Football World Championship. Lowy, now ranked #6 in the Fantasy Football High Stakes Global Player Index, defeated #1 ranked Chad Schroeder, overcoming a 47-point deficit in the final week of the championship. To read more about Lowy's epic comeback, click here.

Lowy's track record speaks for itself. While he will admit that in season team management and waiver wire successes are a critical component of winning, it all starts with preparation and a fundamentally sound draft. We sat down with Glenn and picked his brain about a whole bunch of fantasy topics. If there is anyone that can repeat a high stakes championship, it's this guy, so as you would expect, his analysis is insightful. If you are looking for commentary on how great Peyton Manning and Jimmy Graham will be, tune in to ESPN. If you want the goods, read on.

Larry Gold: Your success in high stakes fantasy sports has stood the test of time, yet optimal draft strategies seem to fluctuate year to year. Do you have any preferred game plan when you start a draft?

Glenn Lowy: At heart, I'm still an old school RB/RB drafter and always lean that way. Still, with the way the NFL is going more and more to RB timeshares, the injury concerns at the position, and the way PPR strengthens the WR position, I've been trying to control my natural RB/RB urges. However, the depth at WR is still much greater than RB, so if comfortable with the inherent risk at RB, a team can look pretty good on paper with early RB's. Still, many Martin, Spiller, Richardson, Foster and Rice owners probably felt that way last year as well.

Gold: Yep. Those were five brutal busts. Owners invested in those backs must be so excited that training camps just opened this week. New season, new opportunity. The season is upon us. What in-camp positional battles have your attention?

Lowy: I couldn't be more excited. Most of the battles I'm interested in are at the RB position. I'll name a couple ...

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