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Time to Enter a League at FFToolbox

Our expert discusses how to jump into the world of FFToolbox Money Leagues

For many fantasy players, June marks the month where the withdrawal of life without football fades away in favor of anticipation and excitement for the upcoming year. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), 33 million people play fantasy football annually, and given that the figure comes from a 2010 study, the current number is surely much higher. Most will participate in fantasy drafts in August and early September as depth charts become more defined. A smaller percentage will start their draft season as early as June. Regardless of what group you find yourself in, you no doubt are starting to think about where your fantasy dollars are going to be spent this year. The Fantasy Football World Championships here at The Box have events running now through opening week that cater to all bankroll levels.

If you have drafted in June or July in the past, you understand what a different experience it is. There's no training camp or preseason games to analyze. Preseason rankings and hype drive volatile ADPs that aren't statistically valid, so expect a ton of variance draft to draft. There will be leagues that see some players go as early as round 1 and as late as round 4. If you don't believe me, ask your home league mates to rank Arian Foster, Doug Martin, Montee Ball and DeMarco Murray. Better yet, ask them to rank Randall Cobb, TY Hilton, Larry Fitzgerald and Antonio Brown. Rankings will be all over the map. And we're talking early round top tier talent. Mid and late selections will see even more fluctuation. Point being, you should be able to confidently build a team you feel good about without too many players being snaked from you the pick before. There will be value picks available to you in every round.

The easiest way to tip-toe into the world of early summer drafting is to take a shot with a Draft-n-Go. Draft-n-Go's run every Tuesday night right here at FFToolbox. Each draft consists of twelve teams and runs for 26 rounds. Entry is $99 and pays three spots. There are six more rounds than your traditional drafts which allows you additional team depth. Depth is critically important in these leagues as there are no waivers. The roster you draft is the team you roll with the entire season. Also keep in mind that you will not be setting lineups. Your highest scoring lineup will count each week. Sounds easy, but with the likelihood of season ending injuries plaguing most lineups, there will be bye weeks where you'll wish the roster was 30 deep. Some prefer a balanced roster, and some prefer more depth at RB/WR at the expense of all other positions. There are varying schools of thought on optimal roster structure because of the 'best-ball' format which adds to the fun. But for those with busy schedules or anticipating many leagues to manage, you will appreciate a league that requires zero maintenance.

For those looking to break into the world of high stakes fantasy football, but find the $1,695 Main Event buy-in to be too steep, the $179 World Championship Qualifier Leagues are a perfect option. These leagues are a great way to get acclimated to the unique FFWC style of fielding an eleven man weekly lineup. Starting line-ups will consist of the traditional 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1PK, 1DF positions but also two additional flex spots. Generating consistent production from your two flex spots is critical to gaining an edge, as many rosters will struggle with their depth week to week. Identical to the main, these leagues allow for blind bidding on free agents twice per week. So if you consider yourself a waiver wire savant, draft early as the first weeks of waiver bidding will be a wild ride. These twelve man leagues reward the winner with an entry into the 2015 FWC Main Event. 2nd place earns an entry into the 2015 Rotobowl.

The Rotobowl tournament is now in its 10th year and meets the criteria of reasonable affordability ($279), and large grand prize ($25,000). Additionally, over $2000 is awarded in league prizes. Last season's Rotobowl champion- Ken Tyson, defeated 551 other owners and walked away with over $27,000! Not a bad return on investment. Rules and line-up structure mimic that of the Main Event and qualifier leagues, again testing the ability of each player to get consistency out of an eleven man starting line-up. As with all FFWC events, the Rotobowl also features the popular 13 week regular season, allowing you to face off vs. each league opponent in weeks 3 through 13 after the all-play format of weeks 1 and 2. Keep in mind that you have the option of online drafts or drafting live at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Of course life changing money can only be achieved by being fortunate enough to win the 2014 Fantasy Football World Championship. Glenn Lowy, was skilled enough to take down the 2013 championship and $150,000. To read about Lowy's triumphant team, click here.

Your $1,695 buy-in earns you a shot at over $12,000 in league prizes and the grand prize. Simply being one of the top four teams in your twelve team league will earn you a chance at competing for the grand prize week's 14 through 16. Be prepared to bring your 'A' game to the draft as the competition will be fierce. But to be the best you have to beat the best, and the FFWC Main Event is no exception.

Additionally, FFToolbox is your go to site for Dynasty, Auction and super high stakes leagues running in Las Vegas like the $10K Top Gun and $5K Commander leagues. These events require deep pockets but winning such prestigious events yields ultimate bragging rights.

Whether you are a low, mid or high stakes player, there are events at FFToolbox for everyone. Happy drafting!

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