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NJ Gov. Chris Christie "Allegedly" Stiffs Fantasy League Winner

Winners of Boomer Esiason's celebrity league claims Christie and others stiffed him out of winnings.

According to a recent post on the New York Post's Page Six, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and few other "celebrities" allegedly did not pay their fantasy football league dues and "stiffed" the winner out of thousands of dollars.

Christie was a member of "Boomer & Carton", a league associated with former NFL legend Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton's WFAN radio show. Some of the other "stars" in the league included comedian Jay Mohr, chef Bobby Flay and actors Robert Wuhl and Kevin Connolly. The winner of the league, Broadway and American idol B-lister Constantine Maroulis, claims he did not receive his winnings from multiple league members. The buy-in for the league was $500.

A source told Page Six, "the season goes till the Super Bowl. So as the season goes along, when each celeb player gets knocked out in the playoffs, the player puts in the money… Constantine was supposed to win $6,000. But he got, like, $2,000. The only famous guy who paid up was Connolly. The rest of them, including Christie didn't pay up. There were 12 players in their pool."

Christie and his reps did not respond to any requests for comment. A rep from Esiason's radio show said, "It was a fun wager amongst friends, and a good time was had by all."

Finally, Flay claims he paid his "debt months ago to that fantasy football league."

Matt's Take:

OK, so that's the story, but is it the whole story? Here's my theory. Since we're dealing with a bunch of self-important, self-righteous egos here, somebody had to be the middle man. These guys obviously didn't go to the ATM, pull out the money and hand-deliver it like any of us normal human beings might do. Somebody at the radio show probably collected the funds as an intermediary.

I could see one, maybe two guys, being shady and taking their sweet time forking over the cash. They are busy gentlemen and $500 is nothing more than a single visit to a fancy sit-down restaurant. They probably spend $500 on appetizers and drinks. But if more than half the league doesn't pay up, there must be a deeper controversy at play. There is likely some underpaid intern or assistant involved who was called upon to run this league as commissioner. Maybe times are tight. Maybe their boss is a jerk and they knew they could get away with it. If all these guys genuinely did not pay, they are a-holes.

The larger question is how do you avoid this type of scenario among your group of friends? It's always so irritating to have to nag your friends for their league buy-in. Here's a suggestion: Play with people you trust, like the gang here at Full-time Fantasy." If you do venture on your own, you could use PayPal to collect and send funds, but one problem is that Paypal considers fantasy football gambling according to their terms of service. If they suspect you're gambling, there is a chance your money could be lost and your account banned.

hristie and those other celebrities need to make this right if they are in the wrong. It's a punk move, if true.

Update: Today we learn from the "Boomer and Carton Show" that everyone jumped online and paid their dues. Let's hope this is true and not just celebrity pandering.