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Fantasy football playoff strategy: Rusty Reeves' mock draft plans and final roster

Insight on drafting for the fantasy playoffs from one of the FFToolbox crew

Six FFToolbox guys got together for a playoff mock draft. Here is a look at the rosters for all six teams along with details for the FFToolbox playoff contest. What follows are the strategy and final details about one of them.

Oh, but first, a quick rundown on the rules. Six teams, draft-n-go style aka best ball scoring. No set lineups as your starters will be optimized each week. There are 14 roster spots and 11 starting spots: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF and 2 RB/WR/TE FLEX. The player pool is of course all the players in the postseason.

*Strategy: The FFToolbox Fantasy Playoff Best Ball format is great because there are so many different ways you can navigate through a draft. It's all based on which teams you expect to fair well in the playoffs, but you have to be ready to adjust on the fly. If someone else is thinking the same as you, they could have the same plan. I started by completing a bracket, a la NCAA Tourney-style. I then took FFToolboxes rankings and plugged them into a spreadsheet, highlighting the guys that I thought would be playing in 3 games in green, 2 games in yellow, and 1 game in red. I'm expecting the Seahawks to knock off the Patriots in the Super Bowl, so you'll see my team heavy with those two teams' players. It was critical to me to get a QB who was playing during wildcard weekend, as that could be a big point-getter.

*Round-by-round summary:

1) Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seahawks - He's the best RB on the team I expect to win the Super Bowl. This was a no-brainer.
2) Eddie Lacy, RB, Packers - I have the Pack winning at least two playoff games, meaning I'll get three games of production from Lacy. The Packers are one of three teams I feel that way about, with Seattle and New England being the other two... and I wasn't touching the NE running back situation in the 2nd round.
3) Tom Brady, QB, Patriots - Expecting him to be on the team trailing in the Super Bowl. He should be throwing a lot. Plus, the potential for a matchup with Denver's suspect defense in the AFC title game is very appealing.
4) Drew Brees, QB, Saints - I said I wanted to get a QB that was playing in the opening weekend and I expect Brees to light up Philly's defense. Kyle Orton threw for 358/2 TD on them for goodness sakes! Plus, I expect the Saints to knock off the Eagles and be playing the second weekend. This gives me Brees and Brady both playing good defenses in Seattle and Cincy, but it hedges the bet by having them both.
5) Golden Tate, WR, Seahawks - This probably surprised some people, as guys like Hilton and Colston were still available. But, again, it boils down to my belief that Seattle will make a deep run. I'd rather have Tate for three games than Hilton or Colston for two.
6) Danny Amendola, WR, Patriots - Again, the theme of me liking the Patriots and thinking they'll put up big passing numbers in the AFC title game and Super Bowl is the reason for this pick.
7) Donald Brown, RB, Colts - I think the Colts should play in at least two games, and he's proven to be their main guy.
8) Aaron Dobson, WR, Patriots - I had just watched seven WR's come off the board, four of which I had ranked ahead of Dobson. So, I felt like this was a necessity pick, even though I was hoping to get Crabtree, Baldwin, or Boykin here.
9) Seattle Defense - They were better than any WR or RB left on the board, and the TE's were all pretty much the same in my eyes at this point. Seattle's defense is quite a few steps above the next best on the list and I should get 2-3 games from them.
10) Coby Fleener, TE, Colts - I was hoping to get Zach Miller here, but he went two picks before to DeLima. Fleener is still the 2nd best receiving threat for the Colts and they should play at least two games.
11) Lance Moore, WR, Saints - Again, banking on the Saints to get at least two games, and for them to have a huge passing day at Philly. Just hope Moore gets a few of those targets.
12) Steven Hauschka, K, Seahawks - Best kicker on the team I expect to win it all. Same as the Seahawks D... felt he was a step above the next best.
13) Mark Ingram, RB, Saints - He did lead the team in rushing in Week 16 with 83 yards. But, I'm just hoping he can vulture a touchdown!
14) Kenbrell Thompkins, WR, Patriots - Mr. Irrelevant in a lot of drafts, but I fully expect Thompkins to produce numbers worthy of making the lineup when they play Denver. Plus, expecting the Pats to play in 3 games, this is another bet-hedger.

*Recap: I like my team. I had a strategy & it worked out. I didn't draft any players that I felt would only give me one game. Of course, having so many Patriots and Seahawks could backfire if the Super Bowl is Denver vs. San Francisco. But, in this type of format, I decided to get guys that I felt certain would be playing in at least two games and had a better than average shot at playing in a third game. With the team that I ended up with, I got that. I also think that getting Brees gives me a QB in at least 3 of the four weekends of the playoffs. The QB position typically puts up the most points, so I think that could work to my advantage.

My best pick: Drew Brees in the 4th round. I think he very well could put up 30-40 points the opening weekend vs. Philly. That could be the difference later on in the playoffs vs. other guys who only have one QB, especially if that guy is done after one or two games.

My worst pick: Aaron Dobson in the 8th round. While he may play in three games, I could've probably gotten him later. Getting another RB like Sproles or Pierre Thomas, or even a TE that I fully expect to play in three games like Zach Miller, would've been a much better pick in the 8th round.

* Other teams that rocked: Apart from my own team, I really like Matt De Lima's squad. I contemplated taking three QB's, but ultimately didn't pull the trigger with only three bench spots. I think he'll have Luck for two games (opening weekend and vs. Denver's less than powerful defense) and Wilson all the way through the Super Bowl. In addition to New England and Seattle, I like the Packers to knock off San Fran and Carolina, so he should get 3 games from Starks, Cobb, Edelman, and Ridley as well. Could be tough to beat.

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