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Fantasy football playoff strategy: Tony Casale's mock draft plans and final roster

Insight on drafting for the fantasy playoffs from one of the FFToolbox crew

Six FFToolbox guys got together for a playoff mock draft. Here is a look at the rosters for all six teams along with details for the FFToolbox playoff contest. What follows are the strategy and final details about one of them.

Oh, but first, a quick rundown on the rules. Six teams, draft-n-go style aka best ball scoring. No set lineups as your starters will be optimized each week. There are 14 roster spots and 11 starting spots: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF and 2 RB/WR/TE FLEX. The player pool is of course all the players in the postseason.


While I haven't done this specific draft before, I have done enough playoff-type fantasy drafts to have a good idea of what I wanted to do. My first thought was to draft a team filled with players that will play the most games. Obvious, right? But for me, that not only meant picking players that I think will reach the Superbowl, but players that will play in, and win, the first round. That ensures a minimum of two games, possibly more. The next consideration was position scarcity, and as you can see, I think tight end is a position to target. To me there are only four, maybe five tight ends of value, so if I take two, most other teams will struggle at that position. I'll find receivers later.


Round 1)Peyton Manning, QB Broncos. I ended up with the second overall pick, and while I would never pick a QB first (or second or third) in a regular season draft, it was impossible for me to let Payton Manning pass by. There is no reason to believe he won't be as good in the postseason as he was in the regular season. OK, maybe a couple of past postseason missteps, but not this year, right?

Round 2) Frank Gore, RB 49ers Going against conventional wisdom, I have players who go against each other in rounds two and three. Only one will make it. I think it's the 49ers, so by that logic, RB for the team holding the lead, WR for the team trying to catch up.

Round 3) Jordy Nelson, WR Packers When Aaron Rodgers was in this year, Jordy Nelson was one of the most consistent, high producing receivers in the league. As a Bears fan it galls me, but the man can play.

Rounds 4) Vernon Davis, TE 49ers As I mentioned before, I only like a handful of tight ends and I can start more than one, so why not dominate the position and leave others wanting. Vernon Davis is a stud in the playoffs, and after Julius Thomas he's my guy. I love Jimmy Graham, but with the Saints' record on the road, and how high he was drafted, it was best to let him go. ,

Round 5) DeAngelo Williams, RB Panthers I like Carolina to win the divisional round game at home and Williams has played well with Stewart out this year.

Round 6) Greg Olson, TE Panthers Here is number 4 TE headed into the playoffs, after him it's Fleener and Gates, neither of whom have a good chance at winning their first game.

Round 7) Benjarvis Green-Ellis, RB Bengals I think Cincy will roll San Diego, and I'm hoping Green-Ellis will be the beneficiary of multiple games and a high score. He's my third RB, now it's time to grab some WR's

Round 8) Steve Smith, WR Panthers Here is a team I'm obviously high on this postseason. I think they're undervalued. I've got a piece of their running game, their 2 top receivers and their TE. Smith got some good news when his knee only showed a sprain, he should be ready to roll in the Divisional round, and can win this thing for me.

Round 9) Darren Sproles RB Saints While I'm not a huge fan of New Orleans on the road, they have a dynamic offense and could get rolling here in the playoffs. I need a return to form for Sproles, but I'm willing to take a risk at this point of the draft.

Round 10) Percy Harvin, WR Seahawks If Percy Harvin plays, and indications are that he will, he could be the steal of the draft. Boom/bust, yes, but that's how these things are won.

Round 11) Brandon LaFell, WR Panthers If Steve Smith misses any time this postseason I think LaFell will be the guy.

Round 12) Philip Rivers, QB Chargers I don't actually expect Rivers to get out of the Wildcard round, but that's OK. I need a big week 1 out of him and Peyton will take it from there.

Round 13) Bengals Defense I don't mind being one of the last to take a defense here. Solid squad and I love the Bengals in the Wildcard round

Round 14) Ryan Succop, K KC, It's still a draft, and I'm still picking a kicker last. Aside from last week's controversial finish, Succop has been solid this year.


I think my favorite pick(s) are Steve Smith (8th) and Brandon LaFell (11th). Based on my draft, I need Carolina to have multiple games, and if Smith is still sidelined with a knee, LaFell can be huge.

My biggest concern is 9th round pick Darren Sproles. I'm OK with where I got him, but I took him ahead of Pierre Thomas and that may have been a mistake. Let's hope the PPR monster from last year can help me out this postseason.

While he might love David Wilson, I love Matt Delima's team. I have the #1 QB, but he has quantity where I have quality, all but ensuring that he'll see points out of the highest scoring position the whole way. He also boasts Jamaal Charles, Julian Edelmann, Randall Cobb and Dwayne Bowe. If I were a gambling man, I would lay 7-2 odds that Matt takes this thing.

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