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Week 12 Secret Stars - Our Weekly Contest

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The Secret Stars weekly article isn't suggesting the lineup you should use this week, rather its purpose is to identify players who represent extreme value at their current salaries for the week. Selecting these players will give you an opportunity to use such players as Calvin Johnson and Rob Gronkowski in your lineup. Here are this week's Secret Stars:

QB Tom Brady $7,200 vs DEN – It's very rare that a former elite quarterback is ranked this low in salary. This week, Tom Brady is the 11th most expensive quarterback to roster and I just can't turn away from the elephant in the room. There are three big reasons why he's a must own on all my lineups this week and I've given this a lot of thought.

1. Tom Brady is playing against Peyton Manning.

2. Tom Brady is playing against Peyton Manning.

3. Tom Brady is playing against Peyton Manning.

Any questions? Brady at home coming off a game in which he feels he should have won and a big test against the Broncos. Wow. Talk about drama!

RB Shane Vereen $5,000 vs DEN – Nevermind the fact that Shane Vereen received only one carry this past Monday night against a tough Panthers team. Did you see the explosion and burst from this kid? He clearly looks like he's back to full strength and can take any play to the house, which I soon expect him to do so. This is a big game and a chance for Vereen to shine in front of his home crowd.

RB Chris Ogbonnaya $3,500 vs PIT – This pick courtesy of Mr. Ian Ritchie and I totally get it. He had more carries last week than McGahee had (eight to six) but he also had six catches on twelve targets. That's Sproles-like involvement right there. At home against the Steelers in a favorable matchup, Ogbonnaya is becoming a guy that makes sense for your flex position. Take the Og this week and it will allow you to load up on two other positions.

WR Nate Burleson $4,900 vs TB – Burleson should be cleared to make his return and play this Sunday and with a healthy week of practice he should be considered for your lineup this week. You have to remember this is the same player prior to injury averaging six catches and close to eighty yards receiving per game. He's the inspirational leader in the locker room and the huddle and has the trust of Stafford and the respect of Calvin (yes he can be referred to by his first name) to get the job done. It doesn't hurt that the Bucs are giving up a ton of points to WR2s and 3s this season.


WR Cordarelle Patterson $3,200 @ GB – The stars are aligning for Patterson finally. I've been waiting for a reason to get him in the lineup and the time is now. There are three categories that you look for to align at the same time and it looks like this is the week it's happening.

  1. Pedigree – He was drafted as the top wide receiver in the class so he's had this going for him.
  2. Talent – The knock on Patterson has been he's a raw talent. If you've been watching, he's been very physical with the opposing defensive backs and this is giving him separation.
  3. Opportunity – QB Christian Ponder has been watching his development and awarded him with a team high nine targets last week.

Like I said, when these three categories emerge, it's time to pounce before the breakout game. I also think that the Packers will not allow Jennings to beat them and they'll allow Patterson to do so if he can.

Normally I plug in Rob Gronkowski to my lineup and build around him, (especially this week against the Broncos), but if you'd like to try and fade the Gronk…

TE Coby Fleener $5,000 @ ARI – Arizona does a fantastic job on the wideouts, so it will be interesting to see Patterson take on a team like the Colts who are fairly devoid of talent at the WR position outside of TY Hilton. I'm willing to gamble that this is a big week for Coby Fleener as I still expect Luck to get his 200 yards plus. Those yards have to go somewhere and the Cardinals allow the most points to the position of anyone in the league.

FLEX: Bobby Rainey $5,000 vs TB – Yes I'm chasing last week's points and no I don't care. I wonder why DraftKings did not set his salary higher than this? 30 carries 163 yards and 3 touchdowns were sure impressive but it's the way he did it. This kid breaks tackles and I expect him to look very good against the Lions this week.

DST Oakland Raiders $3,000 vs TEN – Don't be fooled by the Points Allowed spreadsheets. Outside of the Nick Foles 7 touchdown game, the Raiders have been very stout against opposing quarterbacks this season. In five of the last six games, they haven't allowed any quarterback to toss for multiple scores. They're a middle of the pack team against the run, and I like them to make big plays when they're at home where they average 9.8 FP per game to 6.4 on the road. I'll take 10 points from a defense that I can get for 3 dimes this week and you should too.

Here's our lineup this week:

· QB Tom Brady $7,200 vs DEN

· RB Chris Ogbonnaya $3,500 vs PIT

· RB Shane Vereen $5,000 vs DEN

· WR Calvin Johnson $10,000 vs TB

· WR Cordarrelle Patterson $3,200 @ GB

· TE Rob Gronkowski $7,900 vs DEN

· WR Wes Welker $6,500 @ NE oh boy…

· K Dab Bailey $3,600 @ NYG

· DST Raiders $3,000 vs TEN

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Good luck!

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