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Week 6 FFToolbox Contest - #FFMillionaire

Become a Fantasy Legend. This Week - Your Lineup - Win Now

IF YOU ALREADY KNOW ABOUT DAILY GAMES, skip down below the first screenshot to THIS WEEK'S CONTEST.

I am one of the 35 million people to play fantasy sports, but I'd say I'm one of just a few hundred that play high stakes fantasy football and a lot of it. As a quick background, I am entered in over 40 Fantasy Leagues this season. These leagues vary in entry fee from $50 to $1,500 each. To be specific:

12 Dynasty Leagues - One high stakes league that costs $1,250 each season.

6 Private / Local Redraft Leagues - Bragging rights baby....

15 Draft Master Leagues (requiring no lineups or waivers - I mainly draft these for prep

11 National Contest Leagues --- Big money, no whamy! Hundreds of Thousands of $ on the line.

Some will ask how can I manage that many teams? You get used to it, you block off your time for waivers and lineup decisions to keep it managable, but I find myself thinking about fantasy football pretty much every waking minute unless I'm playing with the kids or out to dinner with the wife. Yes, I turn off the cell phone and give them my full attention.

Playing this many leagues also makes it rather difficult on Sundays to ROOT FOR a set of guys that I call my own. In leagues where I have Trent Richardson, I'm probably playing against him in another six leagues. It makes it tough on Sunday when you have so much on the line and you have nothing specific to root for. Do you remember when you used to have just that ONE TEAM? That one set of guys who you called YOUR TEAM?

ENTER DRAFT KINGS. This year I decided to give Draft Kings a try and I'm so glad I did. I am HOOKED. Basically all week long I'm trying to figure out who has the best matchups for this weekend's games. Your job is to select a lineup consisting of 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1PK, 1DST and 1 FLEX (RB/WR or TE)

I then head over to Draft Kings and check out the various salaries they've applied to the players for the week. For example:

Peyton Manning costs $11,800 this week against the Jaguars, where Colin Kaepernick can be had for $6,900 against the Cardinals. If I select Peyton Manning, it's going to be hard to field a lineup I feel good about because I'll have to find some cheap buy lows at the bottom of the barrell and HOPE that they somehow score a touchdown, whereas if I take Kaepernick, I'll likely be able to select starters at each of my lineup spots.

Cheap options at RB this week:

  • CLE RB Willis McGahee $3,300 vs DET
  • WAS RB Roy Helu $3,000 vs DAL
  • IND RB Donald Brown $3,000 vs SD
  • ARI RB Andre Ellington $3,500 vs SF
  • DEN RB Montee Ball $3,600 vs JAX

Looking at the cost differential between Peyton and Kaepernick, the difference is $4,900, so if I were going to take Peyton and a cheap RB for $3,000, I'd be spending a combined $14,800, but if I take Kaepernick for $6,900, I would have $7,900 still to spare for my RB! I could grab an Arian Foster or Doug Martin for that price.

Hmm.. what to do... Peyton Manning and Willis McGahee OR Colin Kaepernick and Doug Martin... Decisions decisions...

Now you don't have to do the math yourself like I just did. DraftKings makes it incredibly easy to select your team. Pick a team and it will do ALL the math for you letting you know at a glance if you have money to burn or if you're over the limit. If you're over, simply drop an expensive guy out and sub in somebody cheaper with the money you have available.

I will be sitting at the edge of my seat again on Sunday at 1:00pm EST rooting for my DraftKings lineup. Are you ready to join me? Read below for details on this week's game.


Last week was a huge success! One of our players John Duckworth took 1st place overall out of 45 teams. He will now have a team competing for a spot in DraftKings Million $ Contest Week 16. His Week 5 team is below:

This week it's the same contest as last week. Maximum of 50 teams allowed (so get in while you can)

$10 to play. $500 in prizes + a Shot at Fantasy Million in Week 16! Beat our CEO Ian Ritchie and win a free $5 entry next week! Last week 13 of the 45 overall teams beat Ian's HawknRoll team. This is the perfect game to get your feet wet in the weekly action. Not too expensive, and a good chance to win.

This is an FFToolbox Exclusive contest only open to our FFToolbox readers and players.

AS A BONUS: If you beat last week's champ John Duckworth (Team Name: Duck3134) you also win! So beat EITHER Ian or Duck and win a free team next week! Easy money!

LINK TO THE FFToolbox Week 6 Game

If you open a NEW account at DraftKings, two things will happen.

1. You'll get a free Entry into the Million $ Qualifier this week!

2. DraftKings will MATCH your deposit 100% up to $600. (awarded through game play.)

Good luck rooting for your Week 6 fantasy team! Look for my team: TeamLegacy on the leaderboards.

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