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Five questions with: Rich Tandler, Redskins blogger,

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4) Including last season, Fred Davis has had virtually no on-field scoring chemistry with Griffin, though he looked good during preseason with other quarterbacks. Meanwhile, rookie Jordan Reed has produced in his first two games, including a touchdown against the Packers. Changing of the guard at TE or is there something about their respective routes/skill sets that has RG3 favoring one over the other?

RT: It's a small sample size and the preponderance of the snaps have been in passing situations, but Reed has taken 53 offensive snaps to 67 for Davis. That indicates that Davis is still the starter, but that they are giving Reed a long look. The rookie has made a couple of nice catches, while Davis has a drop in each game and hasn't done much of note. Too soon to tell for sure if there is indeed a changing of the guard, but the situation certainly bears watching.

5) Considering how the Redskins' pass defense has struggled against the Eagles and Packers, any reason to think Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford and the Lions won't produce similar results?

RT: There's certainly no reason to think that the Redskins' defense is all of a sudden going to become the '85 Bears or even the '12 Redskins, so I'd certainly lock Megatron and Stafford in as starters right now. The Redskins are going to have to start scoring if they are going to win on Sunday. Their best hope is to double cover Johnson and try to get some pass pressure with four rushers. The latter tactic was working last week and then Rodgers started getting rid of the ball more quickly. We'll see if Stafford can make the same adjustment.

6) Bonus question – Your personal fantasy hero and zero through two weeks…?

RT: Fantasy hero is Pierre Garçon. He is Griffin's security blanket and he will either catch key passes to keep the Redskins in a shootout or pile up some garbage time numbers. My zero is Davis. I can't think of any situation or area of the field right now where he will be the primary target.

(Update - More on the Davis-Reed scenario plus other Redskins-Lions info from Rich posted on Thursday)

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