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DraftKings Week One Kickoff Bash - Over $1 million in cash prizes guaranteed!

All the 411 on the Salary Cap game

With the exponential growth of daily fantasy sites, it really takes something special to grab my attention. Rather than sift through user reviews, testimonials and other tedious time-consuming forms of research, there is only one need-to-know question: Where is the money? I don't know about you, but that is what grabs my attention. I don't need to be taken to dinner and a movie. Don't wine and dine me. Let's get on with it already, right? Having the chance to win a boatload of cash playing fantasy football gets my juices flowing, so allow me to tell you the location of the big money.

DraftKings.com's Week One Kickoff Bash has well over $1 million in guaranteed cash prizes. If that isn't enough incentive for you, then let me try to explian all the offerings available to you as the 2013 NFL season draws near.

There are three main contests going on at DraftKings: the $30,000 Play-Action contest ($2 entry, $30K in payouts guaranteed), the $100,000 Hail Mary contest ($11 entry, $100K in payouts guaranteed) and the big kahuna of the bunch, the Kickoff Million ($200 entry, $1,000,000 in payouts guaranteed). That's some serious dough and you can get in on it. Assuming you know your stuff, of course.

The rules are simple. You start off with a salary cap of $50,000 to spend on your lineup. Each player has a fixed price and you draft your roster for that contest. Your team will consist of nine players (QB, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE), K, and DST.) You compete against all the other entries submitted by other fantasy football diehards like yourself. The team with the most points wins the grand prize. First place in the Kickoff Million is worth $150,000! The Top 1500 teams will be in the money so you don't even need to win to get your money back and then some.

There are no excuses! You control the fate of your team. The rules for each of the aforementioned contests are the same; the only differences are entry fees and the prize rewards. Put up more money and you'll have a chance to win more money. Seems fair, right? God Bless America!

Like any well-run business, DraftKings provides all sorts of wonderful perks to their members who deposit money for their cash tournaments. They have freerolls (100% free tournaments with cash payouts) every week. The other day, they even sent me an email with a free contest entry and I won a few bucks. Can't argue with that. Every day there are dozens of contests and they hit every sport depending on the season: NFL, MLB, NBA, college football and the NHL. I'm sure if you email their customer service and demanded NASCAR contests, they'd probably consider it and respond to your request very politely. They're classy guys like that.

I can't even count how many tournaments are available in their contest lobby right now. Technically, I could count them, but it'd probably take me 15 minutes. There are even leagues for different times of the day. If you login after the 1 PM eastern games start, you can join contests that only include teams from the games later that day.

Here's one final thought for my fellow fantasy owners out there. It's all well and good to play casually among your group of friends, family, co-workers, prison buddies, etc. That's your right and you can do as you please. However, if you've never played for even a small amount of money, how do you really know how good you are? The challenge and excitement provided by DraftKings is unrivaled. Anybody could've dominated your office league. Half of them barely pay attention to their own teams, let alone the entire NFL. If you really want to know where you stand and you're looking for a quality challenge, DraftKings is for you. Skip your next cup of coffee and deposit $10, then try to tell me after two weeks that you're not having a good time hitting refresh every five minutes to double-check your scores. I dare you.

And as a special offer to FFToolBox readers, DraftKings is offering a 100% Deposit Bonus for new customers, as well as a free entry into their Week 1 $30,000 Play Action ($2 entry). Get the Bonus and the free entry with your first deposit. For example, if you deposit $50; DraftKings will match it and your account will then have $100 available for you to play with. Draft with the Kings.