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Fantasy Football with a Twist

Matt breaks down the 101 on Daily Fantasy Football with DraftKings

Daily fantasy sports is where the money is at. Small stakes, big stakes. There's no reason to play in a league for $5 with your brother-in-law for a full season and then you've got to to haggle your cousin Nick cause he won't even buy you a beer to cover his league dues. Get an instant return on your investment. Don't you want to take advantage of your superior knowledge instantly? Put that knowledge to the test.

FFToolbox has recently partnered with, a site with a new take on traditional fantasy sports that has taken the industry by storm. At DraftKings, you pick a new team every time you want to play. Choosing from the list of available players, you pick the best possible team under an allotted salary cap. You can watch the games live on DraftKings' innovative Gamecenter and collect your winnings as soon as the games are over. Every submission can have its own unique roster as you go head-to-head against other big fish for big money.

During the regular season in your traditional league, maybe your top running back isn't getting the job done. Maybe your tight end was arrested for a homicide. These things happen. At DraftKings, you can submit a new team in minutes with anybody in the league. If you know who is hot right now, put them on your team and stack your winnings. Ditch the scrubs and draft the studs.

And as a special offer to FFToolBox readers, DraftKings is offering a 100% Deposit Bonus for new customers, as well as a free entry into their Week 1 $30,000 Play Action ($2 entry). Get the Bonus and the free entry with your first deposit.