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Get tomorrow's waiver claims today

The season is not just about weeks 1-2, but all 16-17 weeks, so we look at overlooked players that could turn into potent options over time. Profiled players include Carson Palmer, Roy Helu, Marcel Reece, Aaron Dobson, and Rueben Randle.


At this point , it is possible Ballard won't be available on the waiver wire at the start of the season. It is also possible the former Giant will be buried on the depth chart. The status of fellow TE Rob Gronkowski will dictate all. Gronk is battling back from forearm and back surgeries. Should he get the all clear from the medical staff, Gronkowski is a must-start for all parties. However, if he can't go, it looks like Ballard (who is recovering from a knee injury suffered in the Super Bowl two years ago) could be the Patriots' starter. If his wheels are right, Ballard could be a solid backup TE if the Gronkowski situation lingers or goes the wrong way. The Patriots have a potent passing game, making any and all receiving options viable starters week in and week out.


Since leaving Oakland, Miller's numbers have fallen. Because of this, he has dropped off many owners' radar. Especially now that Percy Harvin's surgery will drop him from the Seahawks' plans for a while, it is time to get reacquainted with Miller. In his first four seasons, he had 68, 87, 100 and 91 targets while playing for the Raiders. With so many opportunities, Miller was easily draftable as a starting tight end. Then came the move to Seattle and those opportunities nearly vanished. In 2011 and 2012 he had just 44 and 53 targets, while posting the worst numbers of his six-year career. The reason for hope starts with how last season ended. Against the Falcons in the playoffs, Miller had 8 receptions for 142 yards and a touchdown, showing a solid connection with Russell Wilson. This may have been a one-week freak incident, but we're hoping it is more of a sign of things to come. In light of his regular season performance, it is possible Miller goes undrafted. Based on the uncertainty with the overall tight end position and Seattle's passing game with Harvin, fantasy owners should keep tabs on him, if not draft him in the later rounds. We know he has the talent to be a quality option, now we just need Seahawks coach Pete Carroll to get with the program.