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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy and Recap

One of our staff recaps the strategy behind the picks to help you prepare for the $99 Draft-n-Go Leagues

Draft Strategy and Recap

I decided to participate in one of FFToolbox's $99 Draft-n-Go leagues. Every Tuesday night at 9 pm EST, we here at FFToolbox offer Draftmaster leagues. They're simple and offer big money to the winners. In this draft, there are 12 teams and 26 rounds. For more details about the league, go here. The key caveat is the best ball scoring. Every week, your lineup is optimized for the best possible start. There is no in-season management, so once your team is drafted, it's ready to go all season long. The starting roster requirements are 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 PK, and 1 team defense.

The best ball format lends itself to many divergent fantasy strategies. Since money is on the table, many players are apt to take larger risks. Fantasy owners will reach for a player they have a hunch will overachieve since a sleeper on the bench can hit a big week and push a team to victory. Let's walk through my selections round-by-round and discuss the specific tactics that come into play in a Draftmaster league.

1.01 The Bernie Peterson, Adrian MIN RB
1.02 Follow Me Martin, Doug TBB RB
1.03 BB Charles, Jamaal KCC RB
1.04 Rick Johnson, Calvin DET WR
1.05 GetPaddled Foster, Arian HOU RB
1.06 Diesel Richardson, Trent CLE RB
1.07 Ben Spiller, C.J. BUF RB
1.08 Blitzers Rice, Ray BAL RB
1.09 New Karma Marshall, Brandon CHI WR
1.10 Matt De Lima McCoy, LeSean PHI RB
1.11 Fantasy Exec Morris, Alfred WAS RB
1.12 Jon Forte, Matt CHI RB

This is a standard first round. After showing up a few minutes late to the draft, I was happy to see LeSean McCoy slip a pick or two into my welcoming arms. McCoy is coming off his worst year and has typically been a Top 5 pick. Assuming the preseason hype is even half-true, the Eagles will be operating a high-tempo offense that should keep McCoy as productive as ever. In the first round, a best player available strategy is the safe play.

Other player considered: WR A.J. Green. Securing a top wideout in a PPR league is vital. That extra point gives elite receivers even more value.

2.01 Jon Lynch, Marshawn SEA RB
2.02 Fantasy Exec Green, A.J. CIN WR
2.03 Matt De Lima Jones-Drew, Maurice JAC RB
2.04 New Karma Bryant, Dez DAL WR
2.05 Blitzers Jones, Julio ATL WR
2.06 Ben Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR
2.07 Diesel Harvin, Percy SEA WR
2.08 GetPaddled McFadden, Darren OAK RB
2.09 Rick Johnson, Chris TEN RB
2.10 BB Graham, Jimmy NOS TE
2.11 Follow Me Sproles, Darren NOS RB
2.12 The Bernie White, Roddy ATL WR

Picking at or near the end of the first round was an ideal situation for what I wanted to do, which was grab two backs in the first two rounds. As you can see, there was a solid run on receivers in the first half of the second round. I could have also selected a receiver, but from my understanding of the game, WR scoring is more volatile than RB scoring. For example, Dwayne Bowe scores 15 TDs and the next, he scores five. Point is, you can get lucky (or unlucky) at receiver since players emerge (or disappear) quite often. Since I would be waiting 19 picks until my next choice, I wanted to secure another RB. MJD is a first-round talent with a second-round price tag. He could finish as a Top 5 back and also contributes heavily as a pass catcher, further increasing his scoring potential. With two backs locked in, it's time to fill up the rest of my roster.

Other player considered: WR Dez Bryant. Hard not to like Bryant's 2012 season. He seemed to click in the second half and the numbers were there to prove it.

3.01 The Bernie Johnson, Andre HOU WR
3.02 Follow Me Bush, Reggie DET RB
3.03 BB Jackson, Steven ATL RB
3.04 Rick Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR
3.05 GetPaddled Cobb, Randall GBP WR
3.06 Diesel Welker, Wes DEN WR
3.07 Ben Wilson, David NYG RB
3.08 Blitzers Murray, DeMarco DAL RB
3.09 New Karma Nelson, Jordy GBP WR
3.10 Matt De Lima Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB
3.11 Fantasy Exec Cruz, Victor NYG WR
3.12 Jon Nicks, Hakeem NYG WR

Round 3 was chock full of receivers and because of it, I had to play catch up at the position later in the draft. On the flip side, Aaron Rodgers fell into my lap and he felt like a nice value selection. While each player in this round has a certain level of risk, as most position players do, Rodgers stands out as the safest pick. He could lead the league in fantasy scoring and it would be a shock to see him not perform up to his own high standards. When breaking the seal at a position, as I did here, you have to consider what you gain in doing so and which player you might end up with if you wait a round. It turns out taking Rodgers in the third may have been a slight reach since Matt Ryan ended up plummeting all the way to… well I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Other player considered: None. The elite receivers were gone and most teams drafted their second receiver here. With two RBs already in tow, rather than take a slight risk at WR, I wanted first dibs on a QB.

4.01 Jon Bowe, Dwayne KCC WR
4.02 Fantasy Exec Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE
4.03 Matt De Lima Jackson, Vincent TBB WR
4.04 New Karma Miller, Lamar MIA RB
4.05 Blitzers Gore, Frank SFO RB
4.06 Ben Manning, Peyton DEN QB
4.07 Diesel Amendola, Danny NEP WR
4.08 GetPaddled Brees, Drew NOS QB
4.09 Rick Hernandez, Aaron NEP TE
4.10 BB Colston, Marques NOS WR
4.11 Follow Me Mathews, Ryan SDC RB
4.12 The Bernie Newton, Cam CAR QB

It had to be a wide receiver here and luckily, another good player stuck around long enough for me. It'll surprise most fantasy fans if Vincent Jackson repeats his 2012 numbers. He had a career-year and finished just outside the Top 5 at his position. What's also appealing about him is he is the quintessential big-play receiver. Consistency has its place in a best ball league, but you want a guy who scores points in big bunches when he cracks your starting lineup. When Jackson disappears, he won't start in this league. He had eleven games in PPR with at least 14 fantasy points.

Other players considered: WRs Marques Colston and Reggie Wayne. Both players are still getting it done, but this was a snap decision. I anticipate the Colts become a bit more conservative with a new offensive coordinator. Colston should produce consistently if healthy. He has his share of big games though and would have been a good pickup as well.

5.01 The Bernie Ridley, Stevan NEP RB
5.02 Follow Me Wayne, Reggie IND WR
5.03 BB Vereen, Shane NEP RB
5.04 Rick Brady, Tom NEP QB
5.05 GetPaddled Ball, Montee DEN RB
5.06 Diesel Witten, Jason DAL TE
5.07 Ben Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB
5.08 Blitzers Decker, Eric DEN WR
5.09 New Karma Wallace, Mike MIA WR
5.10 Matt De Lima Brown, Antonio PIT WR
5.11 Fantasy Exec Lacy, Eddie GBP RB
5.12 Jon Garcon, Pierre WAS WR

Once again, it had to be a receiver here. Tight end was a possibility but when Jason Witten was selected, I figured I'd wait a little for Tony Gonzalez. In the fantasy writers community, if there is such a thing, there is a trait known as "post-hype." What this means is sometimes a player will receive a bunch of praise as a possible sleeper or breakout player, and then he underperforms. Since this will disappoint many fantasy owners, the following season will usually see a considerable drop in the player's average draft position. In 2012, Brown was a late third to fourth round pick. Today, he is dropping into the fifth and sixth rounds because of his post-hype comedown. I love Brown as a post-hype surprise in 2013 now that he is Big Ben's top target.

Other player considered: WR Pierre Garcon. If I could be assured that Garcon AND Robert Griffin III were going to play all 16 games, Garcon would have been my guy.

6.01 Jon Jones, James GBP WR
6.02 Fantasy Exec Kaepernick, Colin SFO QB
6.03 Matt De Lima Smith, Torrey BAL WR
6.04 New Karma Bernard, Giovani CIN RB
6.05 Blitzers Smith, Steve CAR WR
6.06 Ben Johnson, Stevie BUF WR
6.07 Diesel Ivory, Chris NYJ RB
6.08 GetPaddled Maclin, Jeremy PHI WR
6.09 Rick Jennings, Greg MIN WR
6.10 BB Shorts, Cecil JAC WR
6.11 Follow Me Williams, Mike TBB WR
6.12 The Bernie Boldin, Anquan SFO WR

Torrey Smith is a beast in a best ball format. Since arriving in the league, he has been very inconsistent, but when he hits, Smith scores a lot of points. The WRs were really flying off the board at this point (about six per round it seemed) so I went with Smith since he is assuming a larger role in Baltimore's offense due to the departure of WR Anquan Boldin.

Other players considered: WR Greg Jennings & TE Tony Gonzalez. Considering who I ended up with at TE, Gonzalez would have been an improvement. Since this league requires three starting WRs, I was scrambling a bit to get quality starters and most of the No. 1 WRs were likely to be off the board by the next round. Jennings is the new WR1 in Minnesota but I don't usually like receivers joining new teams since there tends to be an adjustment year. Then again, with few other options at receiver, Christian Ponder may look for Jennings often.

7.01 The Bernie Hilton, T.Y. IND WR
7.02 Follow Me Moore, Lance NOS WR
7.03 BB Britt, Kenny TEN WR
7.04 Rick Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB
7.05 GetPaddled Austin, Tavon STL WR
7.06 Diesel Gonzalez, Tony ATL TE
7.07 Ben Davis, Vernon SFO TE
7.08 Blitzers Pitta, Dennis BAL TE
7.09 New Karma Wright, Kendall TEN WR
7.10 Matt De Lima Austin, Miles DAL WR
7.11 Fantasy Exec Ballard, Vick IND RB
7.12 Jon Gordon, Josh CLE WR

A small run on tight ends in the middle of the round hurt me. I would've loved any one of those guys, but that's the way it goes. I wait one more round for a TE and ended up with Miles Austin. I feel the Cowboys get a bad rap because it's popular to hate on them. Austin played most of the year banged up and still had some good moments. With defenses draped all over Dez Bryant, Austin should exceed expectations.

Other player considered: WR Josh Gordon. I think Gordon has a lot of potential in the long-term. What scares me off and really, what pushes him this far is his quarterback situation. Put him on any other team and he's a Top 20 lock by the end of the year.

8.01 Jon Ryan, Matt ATL QB
8.02 Fantasy Exec Griffin III, Robert WAS QB
8.03 Matt De Lima Mendenhall, Rashard ARI RB
8.04 New Karma Luck, Andrew IND QB
8.05 Blitzers Wilson, Russell SEA QB
8.06 Ben Alexander, Danario SDC WR
8.07 Diesel Stafford, Matthew DET QB
8.08 GetPaddled Romo, Tony DAL QB
8.09 Rick Tate, Ben HOU RB
8.10 BB Vick, Michael PHI QB
8.11 Follow Me Olsen, Greg CAR TE
8.12 The Bernie Green-Ellis, BenJarvus CIN RB

This is where the draft showed its true colors. Seven QBs go in Round 8. Matt Ryan, who has an average draft position of 42.3 across three major fantasy league providers, is selected No. 84 overall. This will never happen in league full of your friends. In the end, my unfamiliarity with some of the finer details of the best ball strategy hurt me. Yes, I'm bitter about it. I should've drafted eight QBs to start the league and said "HA! Now what?!" As I came to later learn, in "high stakes" fantasy football and the best ball format in general, most owners prefer to wait for a QB and they clearly wait a while. For Tier 1 and Tier 2 QBs, they went about two rounds later than expected. Tier 3 QBs fell three rounds. After that, it began to balance out since having multiple good QBs maximizes your odds that one of them will have a good game.

Other players considered: TEs Greg Olsen and Kyle Rudolph. I sleep on tight ends and this draft shows that. In a best ball format, this probably isn't wise since I can't hit the waiver wire if one of my guys doesn't pan out. Securing at least one great player at each position would have been the smart move.

9.01 The Bernie Seahawks, Seattle SEA Def
9.02 Follow Me Floyd, Michael ARI WR
9.03 BB Richardson, Daryl STL RB
9.04 Rick Bradshaw, Ahmad IND RB
9.05 GetPaddled Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE
9.06 Diesel Brown, Andre NYG RB
9.07 Ben Pead, Isaiah STL RB
9.08 Blitzers Jackson, DeSean PHI WR
9.09 New Karma Franklin, Johnathan GBP RB
9.10 Matt De Lima Daniels, Owen HOU TE
9.11 Fantasy Exec Gresham, Jermaine CIN TE
9.12 Jon Finley, Jermichael GBP TE
10.01 Jon Pettigrew, Brandon DET TE
10.02 Fantasy Exec Sanders, Emmanuel PIT WR
10.03 Matt De Lima Myers, Brandon NYG TE
10.04 New Karma Stacy, Zac STL RB
10.05 Blitzers Moore, Denarius OAK WR
10.06 Ben Blackmon, Justin JAC WR
10.07 Diesel Ingram, Mark NOS RB
10.08 GetPaddled Pierce, Bernard BAL RB
10.09 Rick Cook, Jared STL TE
10.10 BB Givens, Chris STL WR
10.11 Follow Me Woodhead, Danny SDC RB
10.12 The Bernie Gates, Antonio SDC TE

Eight tight ends come off the board in these two rounds. Of the TEs drafted, I do like the guys I ended up with. Daniels has a great shot to finish with the second-most targets and receptions on his team. The Giants and Eli Manning have a pretty good track record of making the most of their tight ends. Myers has above-average hands and catches everything in his general vicinity. So while not flashy or anything to write home about, I've got two warm bodies to hold me over.

Other player considered: TEs Jermichael Finley and Brandon Pettigrew. These two TEs from the NFC North have breakout potential which is why they were drafted much higher in previous years. If either of them fulfills their potential, they could be steals. Problem is, they've burned me in the past and I'm reluctant to take a chance on them again.

11.01 The Bernie Jackson, Fred BUF RB
11.02 Follow Me Dalton, Andy CIN QB
11.03 BB Randle, Rueben NYG WR
11.04 Rick Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB
11.05 GetPaddled Brown, Bryce PHI RB
11.06 Diesel Hartline, Brian MIA WR
11.07 Ben Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR
11.08 Blitzers Manning, Eli NYG QB
11.09 New Karma Cameron, Jordan CLE TE
11.10 Matt De Lima Rodgers, Jacquizz ATL RB
11.11 Fantasy Exec Brown, Vincent SDC WR
11.12 Jon Thomas, Pierre NOS RB
12.01 Jon Cutler, Jay CHI QB
12.02 Fantasy Exec Randle, Joseph DAL RB
12.03 Matt De Lima Leshoure, Mikel DET RB
12.04 New Karma Jeffery, Alshon CHI WR
12.05 Blitzers Rice, Sidney SEA WR
12.06 Ben Bradford, Sam STL QB
12.07 Diesel Tannehill, Ryan MIA QB
12.08 GetPaddled Broyles, Ryan DET WR
12.09 Rick Dobson, Aaron NEP WR
12.10 BB Quick, Brian STL WR
12.11 Follow Me Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB
12.12 The Bernie Freeman, Josh TBB QB

This is where strategies really begin to diverge. Some guys are securing reliable backups (Eli Manning) and some are reaching for young players with breakout potential (Joseph Randle). For my team, I wanted depth at running back. The best ball format really limits Jacquizz Rodgers and Mikel Leshoure's impact. Between the both of them, they might only start a few games. My mindset was to get players in good situations. Detroit and Atlanta both tend to score a lot of points and they are both one injury away from being starters.

Other players considered: Any backup QB. Drafting Aaron Rodgers is great, but he does have a bye week!

13.01 The Bernie 49ers, San Francisco SFO Def
13.02 Follow Me Flacco, Joe BAL QB
13.03 BB Schaub, Matt HOU QB
13.04 Rick Palmer, Carson ARI QB
13.05 GetPaddled Rivers, Philip SDC QB
13.06 Diesel Bennett, Martellus CHI TE
13.07 Ben Broncos, Denver DEN Def
13.08 Blitzers Hillman, Ronnie DEN RB
13.09 New Karma Keller, Dustin MIA TE
13.10 Matt De Lima Holmes, Santonio NYJ WR
13.11 Fantasy Exec Patterson, Cordarrelle MIN WR
13.12 Jon Turbin, Robert SEA RB
14.01 Jon Heyward-Bey, Darrius IND WR
14.02 Fantasy Exec Ertz, Zach PHI TE
14.03 Matt De Lima Bears, Chicago CHI Def
14.04 New Karma Manuel, E.J. BUF QB
14.05 Blitzers Davis, Fred WAS TE
14.06 Ben Housler, Robert ARI TE
14.07 Diesel Texans, Houston HOU Def
14.08 GetPaddled Eifert, Tyler CIN TE
14.09 Rick Woods, Robert BUF WR
14.10 BB Fleener, Coby IND TE
14.11 Follow Me Bell, Joique DET RB
14.12 The Bernie Jones, Jacoby BAL WR

After waiting too long for a TE, I didn't want the same to happen with a team defense. Chicago forced a lot of turnovers, scored a few defensive TDs, and David Hester is well-established as a good returner. Drafting Holmes is a value pick. Even though the Jets' offense has been awful, Holmes is their No. 1 receiver and can be productive. If Geno Smith takes over, history has shown that rookie QBs lean heavily on their best receiver.

Other players considered: Any backup QB & WR Darrius Heyward-Bey. At this point, I was talking myself out of taking a backup QB. I felt confident in Rodgers, but I also didn't fully realize the benefits of having a better backup who might pop with a good game here and there. I like Heyward-Bey's value. He has underachieved for most of his career, but getting out of Oakland is for the best. Reggie Wayne will be a great mentor to him.

15.01 The Bernie Tamme, Jacob DEN TE
15.02 Follow Me Allen, Dwayne IND TE
15.03 BB Patriots, New England NEP Def
15.04 Rick Bush, Michael CHI RB
15.05 GetPaddled Little, Greg CLE WR
15.06 Diesel LaFell, Brandon CAR WR
15.07 Ben Tate, Golden SEA WR
15.08 Blitzers James, LaMichael SFO RB
15.09 New Karma Powell, Bilal NYJ RB
15.10 Matt De Lima Goodson, Mike NYJ RB
15.11 Fantasy Exec Lloyd, Brandon FA* WR
15.12 Jon Sanu, Mohamed CIN WR
16.01 Jon Smith, Alex KCC QB
16.02 Fantasy Exec Gillislee, Mike MIA RB
16.03 Matt De Lima McGahee, Willis DEN RB
16.04 New Karma Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def
16.05 Blitzers Giants, New York NYG Def
16.06 Ben Miller, Heath PIT TE
16.07 Diesel Reece, Marcel OAK RB
16.08 GetPaddled Burleson, Nate DET WR
16.09 Rick Locker, Jake TEN QB
16.10 BB Michael, Christine SEA RB
16.11 Follow Me Roberts, Andre ARI WR
16.12 The Bernie Floyd, Malcom SDC WR

Both of these picks really embody how I view and play fantasy football. I'm trying to look ahead and predict what will unfold. Some people strategize by loading up on rookies since a few will to break out every year. I drafted Goodson because Chris Ivory is very injury-prone. As for McGahee, I don't agree with why fantasy owners are shying away from him. He is the only proven commodity in Denver's backfield. Montee Ball won't sniff the field until he has his pass protections on lock because it's literally Peyton Manning's neck on the line. I understand why McGahee isn't going in the first ten rounds, but in the 16th, a potential No. 1 RB is worth it.

Other players considered: WR Malcom Floyd, QB Jake Locker and a backup team defense. Floyd has had trouble staying healthy and the Chargers are overcrowded at receiver. San Diego's offense has to improve before I trust any of them again. Locker's ability to run makes him an interesting deep sleeper candidate. He has talent around him so there aren't any more excuses for him. None of the defenses really jumped out at me so I felt it was best to wait.

17.01 The Bernie Edelman, Julian NEP WR
17.02 Follow Me Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK
17.03 BB Dawson, Phil SFO PK
17.04 Rick Morgan, Joseph NOS WR
17.05 GetPaddled Jenkins, A.J. SFO WR
17.06 Diesel Prater, Matt DEN PK
17.07 Ben Bess, Davone CLE WR
17.08 Blitzers Tucker, Justin BAL PK
17.09 New Karma Walsh, Blair MIN PK
17.10 Matt De Lima Bryant, Matt ATL PK
17.11 Fantasy Exec Williams, Terrance DAL WR
17.12 Jon Rams, St. Louis STL Def
18.01 Jon Bailey, Dan DAL PK
18.02 Fantasy Exec Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def
18.03 Matt De Lima Ponder, Christian MIN QB
18.04 New Karma Packers, Green Bay GBP Def
18.05 Blitzers Hartley, Garrett NOS PK
18.06 Ben Zuerlein, Greg STL PK
18.07 Diesel Janikowski, Sebastian OAK PK
18.08 GetPaddled Dolphins, Miami MIA Def
18.09 Rick Barth, Connor TBB PK
18.10 BB Murray, Latavius OAK RB
18.11 Follow Me Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def
18.12 The Bernie Miller, Zach SEA TE
19.01 The Bernie Akers, David DET PK
19.02 Follow Me Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def
19.03 BB Brown, Josh NYG PK
19.04 Rick Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def
19.05 GetPaddled Henery, Alex PHI PK
19.06 Diesel Jones, Donald NEP WR
19.07 Ben Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def
19.08 Blitzers Hauschka, Steven SEA PK
19.09 New Karma Gould, Robbie CHI PK
19.10 Matt De Lima Williams, Ryan ARI RB
19.11 Fantasy Exec Greene, Shonn TEN RB
19.12 Jon Bullock, Randy HOU PK

Kickers were flying off the board and since you need two of them, waiting didn't seem wise. Bryant will kick at least 45 extra points and comes from a high-octane offense that plays in a dome. Ponder is a bit of a wild-card to me. He will probably never throw 30 TDs or 4,000 yards; however, he improved in his second season and his running game will protect him. The brief career of Williams has been unlucky given his multiple injuries and limited playing time. He's still in the mix to challenge Mendenhall for playing time given his agility and cutting ability. Now I have both backs so whichever one succeeds, I'll be there to reap the rewards.

Other players considered: WR Donald Jones. Someone is bound to step up in Foxboro. Tom Brady isn't going to spend half the season handing the ball off. Jones is a boom or bust pick and one of the few receivers the Pats have buried on their depth chart with a good amount of experience.

20.01 Jon Harris, DuJuan GBP RB
20.02 Fantasy Exec Weeden, Brandon CLE QB
20.03 Matt De Lima Hill, Stephen NYJ WR
20.04 New Karma Smith, Geno NYJ QB
20.05 Blitzers Flynn, Matt OAK QB
20.06 Ben Falcons, Atlanta ATL Def
20.07 Diesel Walker, Delanie TEN TE
20.08 GetPaddled Lewis, Marcedes JAC TE
20.09 Rick Bironas, Rob TEN PK
20.10 BB Bills, Buffalo BUF Def
20.11 Follow Me Forbath, Kai WAS PK
20.12 The Bernie Thomas, Daniel MIA RB
21.01 The Bernie Vinatieri, Adam IND PK
21.02 Follow Me Gibson, Brandon MIA WR
21.03 BB Titans, Tennessee TEN Def
21.04 Rick Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def
21.05 GetPaddled Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def
21.06 Diesel Redskins, Washington WAS Def
21.07 Ben Crosby, Mason GBP PK
21.08 Blitzers Wheaton, Markus PIT WR
21.09 New Karma Ellington, Andre ARI RB
21.10 Matt De Lima Celek, Brent PHI TE
21.11 Fantasy Exec Browns, Cleveland CLE Def
21.12 Jon Helu, Roy WAS RB
22.01 Jon Panthers, Carolina CAR Def
22.02 Fantasy Exec Hankerson, Leonard WAS WR
22.03 Matt De Lima Jets, New York NYJ Def
22.04 New Karma McDonald, Vance SFO TE
22.05 Blitzers Chargers, San Diego SDC Def
22.06 Ben Hunter, Kendall SFO RB
22.07 Diesel Streater, Rod OAK WR
22.08 GetPaddled Succop, Ryan KCC PK
22.09 Rick Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def
22.10 BB Saints, New Orleans NOS Def
22.11 Follow Me Novak, Nick SDC PK
22.12 The Bernie Moss, Santana WAS WR

Between Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill, the passing touchdowns have to go to someone. Securing both gives me the Jets' best two receivers, for whatever that's worth. Coming out of Georgia Tech, Hill was about as raw as they come. Hopefully he can take the leap and hone his craft further in his second season. Celek depends heavily on how things pan out with Michael Vick. He's a depth pick who underperformed last season. You can do a lot worse for a TE3. If there's one team you want to avoid in fantasy football, it's the Jets. However, by taking their defense, I now have five of them on my squad. I'm either a genius or a fool. The fantasy gods shall decide.

Other players considered: Redskins defense & RB Daniel Thomas. Washington really turned it up at the end of the season. They overcame a few key injuries and should be even better this year. Thomas, when healthy, has displayed flashes of talent. Lamar Miller, while blessed with speed and talent, isn't a sure thing in his second year, which may force Thomas into a larger role.

23.01 The Bernie Jennings, Rashad OAK RB
23.02 Follow Me Manningham, Mario SFO WR
23.03 BB Lions, Detroit DET Def
23.04 Rick Feely, Jay ARI PK
23.05 GetPaddled Kerley, Jeremy NYJ WR
23.06 Diesel Tolbert, Mike CAR RB
23.07 Ben Baldwin, Jon KCC WR
23.08 Blitzers Casey, James PHI TE
23.09 New Karma Wright, Jarius MIN WR
23.10 Matt De Lima Hardesty, Montario CLE RB
23.11 Fantasy Exec Suisham, Shaun PIT PK
23.12 Jon Robinson, Denard JAC RB
24.01 Jon Bolden, Brandon NEP RB
24.02 Fantasy Exec Carpenter, Dan MIA PK
24.03 Matt De Lima Nugent, Mike CIN PK
24.04 New Karma Graham, Shayne CLE PK
24.05 Blitzers Harris, Dwayne DAL WR
24.06 Ben Davis, Knile KCC RB
24.07 Diesel Tebow, Tim NEP QB
24.08 GetPaddled Avery, Donnie KCC WR
24.09 Rick Graham, T.J. BUF WR
24.10 BB Hopkins, Dustin BUF PK
24.11 Follow Me Hixon, Domenik CAR WR
24.12 The Bernie Turner, Michael FA* RB
25.01 The Bernie Gerhart, Toby MIN RB
25.02 Follow Me Douglas, Harry ATL WR
25.03 BB Sanchez, Mark NYJ QB
25.04 Rick Kelce, Travis KCC TE
25.05 GetPaddled Chandler, Scott BUF TE
25.06 Diesel Hawkins, Andrew CIN WR
25.07 Ben Gabbert, Blaine JAC QB
25.08 Blitzers Jones, Marvin CIN WR
25.09 New Karma Taylor, Stepfan ARI RB
25.10 Matt De Lima Kolb, Kevin BUF QB
25.11 Fantasy Exec Dickson, Ed BAL TE
25.12 Jon McCluster, Dexter KCC WR
26.01 Jon Doss, Tandon BAL WR
26.02 Fantasy Exec Moreno, Knowshon DEN RB
26.03 Matt De Lima Dwyer, Jonathan PIT RB
26.04 New Karma Reed, Jordan WAS TE
26.05 Blitzers Brown, Ronnie SDC RB
26.06 Ben Rogers, Da'Rick BUF WR
26.07 Diesel Wells, Beanie FA* RB
26.08 GetPaddled Colts, Indianapolis IND Def
26.09 Rick Lockette, Ricardo SFO WR
26.10 BB Foles, Nick PHI QB
26.11 Follow Me Ballard, Jake NEP TE
26.12 The Bernie Washington, Nate TEN WR

Not much to see here, but basically I drafted two more RBs, giving me ten total. Given the steady stream of news regarding Trent Richardson and his health, Hardesty could see some starts. In hindsight, I should have drafted one fewer RB and one more WR. The added depth gives me a leg up on everyone because my week-to-week scoring should be safe. RBs tend to produce more reliably given that they touch the ball more frequently. Given how often backs are hurt these days, I'm confident between Hardesty, Leshoure, Dwyer, Goodson, McGahee and Williams, one of them is going to play far more than anyone could project. Kolb as my QB3 is embarrassing, I waited too long, what can I say? Hopefully he stays firmly seated on my bench.

Some final thoughts… I drafted too many running backs but I'm positive I'll have reliable scoring at my flex spots. I would've liked to draft two more WRs from Rounds 8 to 12. Speaking of those rounds, they are my least favorite in hindsight. Waiting 18 rounds for a QB2 really illustrates how I felt like I was playing catch-up a large portion of the draft. By the time I felt comfortable taking a backup QB, the best player left in my estimation was Ponder. It should be fascinating to see how things pan out at wide receiver and tight end for me. I don't have a guy who is a lock for 80 receptions and since this is a PPR league, that's not a good thing. But that's why they play the game, right? Wish me luck!

My final roster

3.10 Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB
18.03 Ponder, Christian MIN QB
25.10 Kolb, Kevin BUF QB

1.10 McCoy, LeSean PHI RB
2.03 Jones-Drew, Maurice JAC RB
8.03 Mendenhall, Rashard ARI RB
11.10 Rodgers, Jacquizz ATL RB
12.03 Leshoure, Mikel DET RB
15.10 Goodson, Mike NYJ RB
16.03 McGahee, Willis DEN RB
19.10 Williams, Ryan ARI RB
23.10 Hardesty, Montario CLE RB
26.03 Dwyer, Jonathan PIT RB

4.03 Jackson, Vincent TBB WR
5.10 Brown, Antonio PIT WR
6.03 Smith, Torrey BAL WR
7.10 Austin, Miles DAL WR
13.10 Holmes, Santonio NYJ WR
20.03 Hill, Stephen NYJ WR

9.10 Daniels, Owen HOU TE
10.03 Myers, Brandon NYG TE
21.10 Celek, Brent PHI TE

17.10 Bryant, Matt ATL PK
24.03 Nugent, Mike CIN PK

14.03 Bears, Chicago CHI Def
22.03 Jets, New York NYJ Def