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2013 Team Outlook: Miami Dolphins

A fantasy football preview of the Miami Dolphins this season. Profiled players include Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore, Lamar Miller, Mike Gillislee, and Daniel Thomas.


Update (10/21): To say Wallace has been a disappointment for fantasy owners this seasoun would be an under statement. Through six games Wallace has three games with fewer than 25 yards receiving and he has found the end zone just once. There have been a couple of bright moments with 100 yard games against the Colts and Ravens so there is hope Wallace's season could end on a high note. It's clean quarterback Ryan Tannehill like Wallace but the timing between the two is still a work in progress. Wallace's second half of the season will only be as good as Tannehill's and if the beginning the season is a predictor of the future then now may be the time to trade Wallace.

Profile: We all know Wallace went to Miami, but what we don't understand is why he went to Miami? The Dolphins have a very limited run game and a quarterback who has played a total of 34 games under center in his lifetime. We feel pretty much the same way as most do about Wallace's fantasy value this season: a few games he'll score a ton and in the rest he'll do little. If you're an all or nothing owner then Mike is your man. I'm not sure that will win you a championship, so you may want to reserve Wallace's time in your starting lineup for the right matchup. As a number one receiver Wallace has value, but just how valuable is yet to be seen with so much uncertainty under center and in the backfield.

Update: Chemsitry was lacking early in the pre-season, however Wallace and Tannehill seem to be making up for that recently. With the loss of TE Dustin Keller, Mike Wallace gets a bump in our rankings this week.


In his rookie season, Binns pulled in 24 receptions for 277 yards with one touchdown while playing in 11 games for the Bengals and Dolphins. With numbers like these, fantasy owners need to stay as far away as possible. Unless someone ahead of Binns suffers a season ending injury, there is little value to be had here.


Update (10/21): Gibson has had a respectible start to the season. Through six games the fifth year man out of Washington has nearly as many yards a Mike Wallace and twice as many touchdowns. Sure he doesn't have the big name but we're talking stats here not image. Gibson is getting the job done on a more consistent basis than Wallace. Fantasy owners looking for someone to fill a bye week opening or an injury may want to take a look Gibson's way.

Profile: Gibson had the best season of his 4 year career last year pulling in 51 receptions for 691 yards and scoring 5 touchdowns. All of this was while playing with Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams. Now in Miami, Gibson will need to learn a new offense and adjust to playing with a new quarterback. Brandon has the skills to take over the number two role, but his lack of familiarity with the offense will likely set him back as the season begins. Until we see some on the field consistency, it is best to hold off on drafting Gibson.


Update (10/21): For the most part Hartline's performance this season has been very consistent. Week in and week out he has 3-5 receptions for 50-70 yards with an occassional touchdown or high yardage game. If you're looking for a flex start then Hartline could be a nice fit. If nothing else at least you can count on five or six points with the possiblilty of eleven or twelve.

Profile: From time to time Hartline will go nuts (see week 4 last season), but performances like that are few and far between. Most weeks Brian will score you 5-7 points, so unless you're looking for a bye week fill-in there's just not enough value here. We'd like to see more from Hartline, but the fact remains there are too many uncertainties surrounding Tannehill and the run game for anyone to feel comfortable starting Hartline on a weekly basis.


Update (10/21): Up till last week Clay was a nice bye week fill-in for fantasy owners and even last week's game wasn't all that bad. For the third week in a row Clay found the end zone. Unfortunately just when it looked like Clay was going to be fantasy worthy week in and week out he has just one reception on three targets. This could have been a fluke or it could be a sign of things to come. Owners should use caution when starting Clay these next few weeks. If Clay is only seeing two or three targets it may be time to cut him loose.

Profile: On Tuesday, OC Mike Sherman said if the season started this week Clay would be the Dolphins' starting TE. We're not sure that's how things will play out over the next few weeks, so it is probably best to hold off on drafting one of Miami's tight ends.


Update (8/21): At this point just who starts at TE for Miami week one is anyone's guess. On Tuesday OC Mike Sherman said if the season started this week they would go with H-Back Charles Clay, using him on the line, in the backfield and split out as pass receiver. At this point (until we see how the Dolphins plan to fill the void left by Keller), it may be best to avoid Miami's tight end on draft day.

It appears the rookie out of Michigan State will start the season opposite Keller in Miami's offense. At 6'5" and 285 lbs., it is likely Sims will be used as a blocking tight end and see very little action in the passing game. Should something happen to Keller, it is more likely we would see fullback Charles Clay line up as the receiving tight end than Sims. There is little value to be had here at this time.

Update: With the injury to Tight End Dustin Keller, somebody has to step up for the Dolphins. Rookie Dion Sims makes the most sense to us to fill in for Keller. He's had a good preseason and will need to step up and fill some pretty big shoes. Other names in the mix: H-Back Charles Clay. The Dolphins have primarily been using him as a fullback so there will be an adjustment period. Second year tight end Michael Egnew disappointed the team last season must improve his run blocking or he will never find his way on the field.