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Is MJD the new Adrian Peterson?

Another perennial high selection is reaching bargain value levels

In the three seasons prior to the 2012 campaign, the Jaguars star racked up no less than 1,641 yards from scrimmage and scored at least seven touchdowns. During his first six seasons, the human bowling ball tallied double-digit touchdowns at least four times. He caught at least 40 passes in all but one those initial half-dozen seasons. This basic statistical recap does no justice to MJD's previous fantasy dominance.

It also does not include his brutal 2012 campaign, one that began with a training camp holdout and ended after six games with the foot injury. In between there was just one game with over 100 yards from scrimmage. The usual MJD-ness was missing after the runner missed so much of the offseason squabbling over a new contract that never came.
Because of all those factors and including the reality of the Jaguars gloomy forecast, Jones-Drew is not a hot commodity. Sure, fourth-round picks are people too, but when you were often inconsideration for the overall No. 1 pick, dropping so far back gives off the feeling of afterthought.
Yet Jones-Drew told the NFL Network this week he anticipates being back to full speed by June. He previously stated he has no intention of holding out despite only one-year remaining on his current deal. Regardless of the Jaguars potentially dire quarterback situation, Jones-Drew has overcome such obstacles in the past.
The reality is there's typically little gained in terms of projecting drafts conducted in March and early April onto what the world will look like in August in September.
The NFL draft remains, plus the back-end of free agency, training camp and preseason. Indeed, much can transpire between now and when owners must actually make a call on when or if to get into the Jones-Drew business.
However, in this case we can gain insight into some collective perception of value. Right now Jones-Drew has lost plenty. If he's legit about being full speed by early summer, then owners need to get catch up with where MJD is going in drafts.